Buster The Jedi Knight

Chapter 1

The Conversion


Buster was gone for more than a year at the time Zira was given complete control of the outlands. She wondered if he would ever return to her.

Imperial Gall SpacePort

Buster was hiding in the cracks of the canyons of the Gall Moon. It was controlled by the imperials and Buster was trying to reach the famed Space port some seZiral miles away from where his Jedi friend, DeVon Kellder dropped him off using his smuggling ship the Frat Rat.

Buster walked out onto a moving platform and placed a pair of binoculars to his eyes and zoomed to Imperial solder. Buster then removed them from his eyes and took off his hood. He then rubbed his face with paws. He then took his paws from his face.

"Buster! Come in Buster! We have company!" DeVon's voice came through a wrist communicator. "What kind of imperial activity?" Buster whispered into the wrist Comm. "Four squadrons of TIE's, 3 small platoons of Storm Troopers, and two of them Dark Troopers!" DeVon yelled back. Buster looked around and saw the same Imperial still standing there. "Ok, I'll take care of the Storm Troopers and the Dark Troopers, you take out those TIE's" Buster said calmly into the wrist Comm. Buster then pulled out his father's Blaster and removed a Storm Troopers Blaster from his shoulder. "Sure thing Spiff" DeVon said back followed by static interference. Buster turned the wrist Comm off then jumped down to a lower ledge. He turned to his left and surveyed the ledge. He turned to his right and ducked as he saws one of the Storm Troopers appear over the edge. He held his Blaster up to the ledge and waited. Then the Storm Trooper saw him and yelled. "Hey you over there! Your under arrest!" Buster needed not say a thing, but fired at him. He fell backwards over the trooper behind him and they both fell over the ledge. Screaming as they fell, the rest of the platoon came into view. Buster fired and hit the next one and ran father down the ledge and took cover behind some fallen rocks. He peered above the rock and fire a couple quick shots at the pursuing Storm Troopers. One fell as the last three of the first platoon continued to run towards him. Buster peered over the rock again and fired. But the Blaster stopped working after the first shot. "Damn thing" Buster thought. He then stuffed it into his pocket and whipped out his Light-saber. He stood up with it on and reflected a shot back at one of the Storm Troopers and walked towards them reflecting their Blaster shots with dead accuracy. Buster only missed a couple times with reflected shots. He the got close enough to swish his Light-saber and cut the remaining Storm Troopers Blaster in half. Buster then turned around and made a successful round house kick on him. He fell off the edge after trying to balance on while dodging Buster's kicks and his Light-saber.

Buster looked at his wrist Comm and flicked the red button on that was glowing. "What is it, DeVon?" Buster asked. "Meet up with the first platoon yet?" DeVon asked huffing and puffing away. "Yep and judging from your rapid breathing, you must have dealt with the TIE's?" Buster said with an answer and question. "Yes, but there are others still on the way. There must be a Star Destroyer up there. Most of these things are them annoying TIE/D's! Dang those Droid minds in those things are good pilot supplements!" DeVon said in an annoyed voice. "Yeah, I hear ya pal. You have TIE/D's and I have….Dark Troopers! Be right back!" Buster yelled as two of the killing machines appeared in the distance.

Buster stood there with his Light-saber still on as the two Dark Troopers flew menacingly toward him. One Started firing it's plasma weapon as the other lobbed it's deadly yield of missiles at Buster. Buster could reflect the Plasma weapon bursts but his Light-saber was useless against the missiles. Buster tried his best to reflected the Plasma bursts at the missile lobbing Dark Trooper and as it fell in pieces, Buster strafed to his left while using the stolen Storm Troopers Blaster. The Dark Trooper then blew apart sending pieces everywhere. Buster retracted his Light-saber and knelt to the ground and relaxed. "Crap, this is getting harder every day" Buster thought as he listened for any more activity.

Buster got up and headed to his left. He reached the corner where he saw the imperial solder and quickly peered around the corner. Buster leaned against the wall of rock and lumped out into the open and fired at the solder. Buster then looked up in awe as he saw the step wall of the imperial spaceport. He then saw the glimpse of Storm Trooper and fired at him. Buster then ran to the wall were he came out and peered into the room killing the other Storm Trooper there.

"Spiff, did you get to the imperial spaceport?" DeVon asked through the wrist Comm. "Stop calling me Spiff! And yes I did" Buster said very annoyed. "Sorry, Buster" DeVon said back in a low tone. "Well any way. This things huge!" Buster said back looking up the side of the spaceport.

Buster then removed the clothing of one of the Storm Troopers and put them on. He then walked over to the main entrance door and pressed a button. He then walked among the enemy until he got to an elevator. He pressed the button that highlighted the control tower. Buster was getting very worried at the speed of the elevator and closed his eyes. The lift then began to pick up speed and got very noisy.

In a security room, a couple of imperial officers noticed the lifts speed was way to high. "Delta Squadron leader come in, please" The one viewing the lift on a tactical display said into a microphone. Then a blank screen popped on with a Storm Trooper facing it. "This is Delta Squadron Leader, what is it security?" He asked. "There seems to be a problem with lift 23, it's speeding up to the Control Tower level at real high speeds. Your on level 45 now, so go and stop it as it is now reaching the 36th level now" He said while the other officer put some codes into a key board. "Affirmative" The Delta Squadron leader said as he shut the screen off.

Buster was now really concerned so he closed his eyes tighter and the speed picked up must faster. Buster felt as he passed the 45th level that there was trouble.

The lift then shut down and the door opened. Buster walked over to the officer in charge. "Is there any ships scheduled for the 12:01 am shift?" Buster asked through the raspy speakers of the Storm Trooper Comm in side the helmet. "Um let me check that out. It won't take long" the officer said as he put his hand on the solder in the seat behind him. "Yes sir, getting on it right now" the solder said as he brought up the schedule list of ships coming in. "No there is not" the solder said. Buster then handed the officer a Computer chip. "Here is another ship that has requested landing permissions. It has been cleared by security" Buster said dropping the chip into his hand. "Good, thanx for going to all the trouble of getting it us" The officer said saluting Buster. Buster felt a little stupid saluting an imperial but managed to salute him. "I also have been assigned guard duties until 1:00 am" Buster said. "Oh, ok. Ya know the drill right or are you new here?" the officer said. "Yes I'm new" Buster said. "Ok, just stand guard there by the window and lift, ok?" the officer said pointing to the window. "Affirmative" Buster finished off. He walked over to the window and stood guard.

Meanwhile, DeVon received a transmission from the Imperial Spaceport, Gall he had permission to land. "Ok thanx for your time captain of the Frat Rat. Your scheduled landing is any time after 12:01 am" a officer said through the Comm sys. After the officer was gone, DeVon looked at his vintage clock above the cockpit window. "Dang! 3 hours down the drain. Thanx to Buster I have to sit here in this smelly excuse of a cargo ship for 3 bloody hours!" DeVon said aloud. "What was that about our ship brother?" A younger man said coming through the door. "Oh, Buster made it alright, but we have to sit here for 3 hours" DeVon said. "Well at leased we won thins thing in that, remind you, rigged pod race on Tatoonie!" The younger man said sitting down in the empty co-pilot seat. "Ah, we nearly blew all of father and mother's credits on that damn bet! And what we won!? Was junk!" DeVon yelled. "Hey! It ain't junk!" The younger man said again. "Not junk? Not junk?! Here look at this thing here, what is it you say? I don't know either but it's busted! See that Nikif! Junk!!" DeVon yelled throwing an old panel down the hallway. "Look, we got screwed over by this ship, but it works don't it?! We even got enough credits to start our smuggling company" Nikif said pointing to the "Engines Operational" display. "Well in that crap you call a mind, you think this ship rocks, you even think this company we have rocks too! The ship's a pile of bantha shit and the company is just as crappy as the Jawwa Sand crawler!" DeVon yelled kicking the dashboard of the Frat Rat. "I tell ya! It's all junk!" DeVon yelled again.

Buster sat down in the chair the officer let him use. Buster then looked over at the solder sitting in his chair working on things that came via Comm Sys tom him from security.

After an hour, the Officer and solder were on a coffee break. So Buster got up and walked over to the station were the solder was working. Buster then sat down and got access to the Prison Cells in the lowest level of the spaceport. There he made an arrangement to pick up some captured Rebels and one of the Jedi members he had searched for a long time for.

Buster saw the lifts light come on indicating the Officer and solder were coming back. He then canceled the transaction in the Comm sys. And went back to his seat.

Buster then opened the door for the officer and solder. Buster then asked to go and get a cup of coffee. As he was walking down the hall way in the galley of the Gall Spaceport, he walked into a room with, "SHUTTLE TRYDERIAN HANGER 12" on it. This translated to Shuttle Tyderian Hanger 12. Buster walked in and lightly waved his hand at a Storm Trooper guarding it. He then looked away. Buster quickly ran into the entrance and closed the door. The Storm Trooper looked back the way he was earlier and acted like nothing at all happened. Buster then removed the Storm Trooper outfit and took from the back pack he was carrying his Jedi clothing. Buster then sat in the pilots chair and began powering up the shuttle. Buster then pressed a blinking light and a voice asked, "The shuttle is not sheduled to leave until 4:30 am! Power down immediately!" The voice of a Storm Trooper orded. Buster waved his hand at the controls and the Storm Trooper's voice came back on. "You have permission to leave, deactivating the shield generator now" he said.

Then the bay doors opened and Buster started the engines up. The guarding Storm Trooper left and was heading to the door. Buster then lifted the shuttle off the floor and steered it to the door. "The Shield Generator is now off line pilot" the Storm Trooper said. Buster then gunned the throttle and he was now off on his way. As Buster got out of range of the spaceport radar, he opened a channel with DeVon. "OW! Shit head! Piece of Tatoonie junk!" "Cut that out DeVon, were leaving now, I am in the Shuttle Tyderian just above you" Buster said through the Comm sys. "Oh, ok! Finally!" With that, Buster, DeVon and Nikif were on their way to meet up with the Earth Alliance Group known as United Omega. Buster knew he would finally get to be with Zira when they would land in the ne location of the United Omega. The Himalayan mountainous region. In the city known as Everest Haven, he would meet with the traitorous Sith Lord, Darth KaNar or Just plain old Arin KaNar the Alpha of the United Omega Country. Buster knew Arin KaNar was a reliable resource as Arin him self trained to be a Sith only to the purpose of leaking information of the Galactic Empire. He was not a real Sith but was trained so well by Darth Resso. Buster landed the shuttle on one of the vacant landing pads as Imperial TIE fighters occupied most of them and Imperial barges exporting minerals and importing Imperial Dataries. Dataries were old republic Credits but after Senator Palpatine became Emperor Palpatine, they were called Imperial Dataries. That meant that all currencies on earth were eradicated as a result of earth being controlled by the Empire. Buster got out and walked over to a large a door with this symbol on it,

Buster walked to the control panel and sighed with anger. "More Aurabesh" Buster then pressed a button. The door opened and Buster walked in. in side he walked down a narrow hallway until he got to a black set of Blast doors. He punched in a sequence of Aurabesh symbols. The doors opened. There in a black cloak was a wolf looking out a window. "You made it here in one piece I see" He said. "Arin, what information do you have on Darth Resso" Buster asked walking in. "I have a reliable trace connection to the Imperial home world, Coruscant. In the Imperial Senate Building on the north pole area is our man, Buster. He has no idea that I am betraying him so, now would be a great time to kill him, But it is not good at this time" Arin trailed off. "What is it friend" Buster asked worried. "It's Nightwolf, she is going to have her second litter" Arin said smiling. "Oh, then I shall kill Darth Resso alone, eh?" Buster said. "No, Buster, my son will assist you" Arin said. "Son? Which one?" Buster asked. "My only son, Buster. Don't you remember that Nightwolf and I have 4 girls 1 boy" Arin said. "Oh, that must be Jenter" Buster said. "He'de better be strong with the Force, Arin" "He is, Buster. The Jedi Council allowed him to be trained. And I am a Jedi just as you, But one who is masquerading a Sith Lord. So I trained him" "Good it is settled, I better leave before my presence here is discovered. Bye my friend" Buster said waving his hand to Arin.

Chapter 2

Buster & Zira, Together Forever

As Buster was leaving the Imperial City, he remembered to go to his old Kingdom. As Buster closed in to it, he noticed it was now an Imperial City. Buster was then greeted by a lion's voice on the Comm system of the Tyderian shuttle. "Please identify your selves" it said. "This is the Jedi Knight, Buster Tiberious" he said. Looking at the read out of Imperial codes he was transmitting to his old home city. "Welcome back, Sire" he said. "No, no. I'm not a king any more. I'm a Jedi Knight" Buster said. "Well any way, Zira has been waiting for you, she'll meet you on the north tower platform" he said. Before transmitting a flight plan to Buster. "Ok, thank you" Buster said. Buster then shut off the Comm system and engaged the autopilot. The autopilot steered Buster threw many of the old buildings he remembered, but most of them were new. In the distance was a tall building with many windows on a round section that was larger than the rest of the cylinder shaped building. He then saw the platform as he got closer. He then shut off the autopilot and manually landed the craft. Buster then opened the door and as it unfolded, he saw a few Lions in Imperial uniforms guarding a door. Then the door stopped and Buster walked out of the shuttle. He continued to walk until he reached the door. Buster then removed his hood, and the guards cowered back in fear and amazement. Buster opened the door and there in front of him stood Zira, holding a young cub and behind her was another older cub clinging to her dress. "Buster? I-is that you?" she asked. Buster nodded his head. Zira then handed the younger cub to the older one, and turned to face Buster. She embraced him and started to cry. "Why Buster, why?!" She asked in tears. Buster then kissed her on her forehead and looked into those lovely eyes he had yearned to see for a long time. "I had to, Zira. My uncle JoRan was killed by someone, so I unsuccessfully tried to hunt him down" Buster said with a tear in his left eye. "Zira? Do you remember me telling you what I am before I left?" Buster asked. "Yes, but what does that have anything to do with a murdering Imperial?" Zira asked back in more tears and sobs uncontrolled sadness and anger. Buster then looked deep into her eyes. "JoRan was the last of my family before me, Zira. I had to hunt down Darth Resso cause he killed him. Then I could only return home when I had access to a ship with a long-distance hyperdrive. You do know what a hyperdrive is, right?" Buster said. "Of course I know what a hyperdrive is Buster. But you mean from what I have heard, and learned, you're a Jedi Knight?" Zira asked. Buster stood tall and nodded. "Well, hi there son" Buster said looking down at Dagger. "Dad? I-is that you?" Dagger said. "Yes" Buster said. Dagger then put his arms around his father's chest and held on. Buster then slowly put his arms around Dagger, who was full grown now. "Daddy?" a little voice asked. "Huh? Zira is this Sereina?" Buster asked. Zira then picked up the little adolescent cub and placed her in Buster's arms. "Daddy?! Daddies home mommy!" Sereina screamed with sheer joy as she hugged a large portion of Buster's once prominent mane. Zira just noticed his mane as Sereina hugged him. "Buster? What happened to your mane?!" Zira asked shocked. "oh, yeah. I cut it off 3 months ago as it was getting in the way of every thing and it was a good death marker" Buster said as he turned to look over the City. "What a huge place this home of ours has become" Buster said to him self as Sereina reached for Zira's paw. "Buster? She wants you to come home" Zira said taking Sereina from his arms. "Sure thing" Buster said taking Zira's paw into his.

Deep with in former INer lands

Deep with in this dry barren land of waste, nothing survived only if it was cunning enough or powerful enough to survive it. Horrible sand storms littered this land and endless piles of scrap metal left from The INers 7 months in the past. In that time, The Empire was just getting settled down when they encountered the race of killer lions with old uniforms and almost unheard of junk for artillery. It was this that gave the Galactic Empire an advantage over them. It took only 4 days to completely eradicate every member of the INers. Now, during this time of nothing ness, lived the only working Monarch Government or any Government at all left on earth. The Sand Pride, controlled bye King Razuma and Queen Kitana. Kitana was freed when the Empire proposed the surrender papers to the Outland Empire and Jaggernaut Empire Prides. She was reunited with Razuma with their cub in her paws.

The Empire would have searched the remains of the IN pride lands, but it was to dangerous. So Razuma and Kitana formed the Sand Pride.

Imperial Capital Palace

Arin sat in his chair and waited for his supper to get to him. He then got up walking around the room. He was wearing a black trench coat with out the hood and there seemed to be ripples in the upper chest area. One part of the chest area was over lapping the other while there was a large slip down his entire chest that was baring his dark blackish gray fur. At the waist was a thick black leather belt with an Imperial symbol as the buckle. The rest of the coat dropped to his knees and the rest of the way he wore a pair of black leather boots that shined very brightly and made a pristine tapping nose every time he made a step. Arin then put his left arm to his waist and looked down upon a black key pad with a vid screen on it. He pressed a couple buttons and the side door of the room opened. There in a bed was, Nightwolf giving birth to her second litter. One of the doctors looked up from a screen and walked to Arin. "Sorry sir, but you should wait out side" Arin responded by pointing his hand at him. "Sure sir, you may come in" Nightwolf looked up from her pillow and smiled a little smile. Her face was very sweaty and sort of distorted, but Arin walked over to her and he offered his paw to her. She grabbed it and squeezed so hard as she had never squeezed before. But Arin was calm and peaceful as she moaned in pain and continued to squeeze his paw. "There we are, just a little more" the doctor said. Then Nightwolf squeezed his paw the hardest ever. "Ouch" he slowly said. Nightwolf then put her head in to his arm. Arin then took his free paw and stroked her head as she rested. "Their out, Nightwolf" the doctor said with a smile on his face. "Wait, there is only one?" The doctor asked him self with a funny face glomming over the single pup in front of him. "Huh? Doctor! That's not right" the nurse said looking through the monitor of the ultra sound machine. "move aside" he said pushing the nurse out of the way. "There was only one pup" he said finally. "What!? One pup?" Arin yelled. "Is it alive?" Nightwolf asked. "Yes" the Doctor said examining the pup. "Oh, well" he said.

The Doctor then wrapped the little wolf pup in a sterile blanket and handed it to Nightwolf. "It's a boy" He said. Arin looked down into Nightwolf's eyes and saw she was happy, very happy. He then moved the folded part of the blanket from his newborn son's face. "He looks like me" Arin said holding Nightwolf's paw in his. "Arin, I want to name him after the great wolf who is his father" Nightwolf said. Arin looked down at Nightwolf from his son and smiled. He then leaned over Nightwolf and kissed her on the forehead. "Well that is very kind of you Nightwolf, but it would be more appropriate if we called him by a nick name. We'll remind him of his first name, but we'll address him by a nick name" Arin said. "You choose his nick name" Nightwolf said yawning. Arin looked up to face wrist keypad. "Rezdon, Rezdon is his nick name" Arin said.

Imperial City/ Outland

Buster sat down at his old desk and cleared off some papers and dust and turned on his old vidscreen. "Uh, doesn't work worth crap" Zira heard him from out side of the office and walked in. "Oh, that Buster. Since the Imperials took over, their technology has replaced every thing. Including our alphabet" Zira said sitting down in one of the old guest chairs. "How did every thing go for you when I left?" Buster asked. "Oh, well at first the law was enforced by the Outland Military Corps. Then the high commanding military personnel realized you weren't coming back, so they handed the control of our empire to me" Zira said looking into Buster's content eyes. "Then the Galactic Empire came and eradicated all governments on this planet and formed their government by a regional Governor. I think our old wolf buddy, Arin is that regional Governor of this planet" Zira said. Buster then got up and walked around his desk and stopped in front of Zira. He knelt down and kissed her on her lips. He then started to kiss her neck and then he stopped. "Come on, we have some things to ketchup on" Zira looked into his eyes and right away, an erotic smile struck her lips. She gabbed his paw and they left the office and headed to their home.

Chapter 3

The Opposition

Galactic Empire Home World, Coruscant

Deep in the bowls of this massive global sized city is the Galactic Empire's headquarters. In this HQ building is a great amount of work in progress from small problems to the larger threat of the ever dying but still powerful Rebel Alliance.

In a dark lighted room sat in a black chair, a person in a black robe. He sat there staring at a Vidscreen on the far end of the room. There was an Imperial officer displayed on it. "Yes, Master, we have conformation that there is at least one known Jedi Knight on the planet WolfWorld" The officer said looking at a print out on a screen near by where he was. "Was this WolfWorld once that planet in that nine planet system on the other side of the Galaxy? Because if it is, it is controlled by the Imperial Wolf, Arin KaNar and his mate Nightwolf KaNar?" The cloaked figure asked as he stroked his shaved head. "Yes, Master. It is that planet. Do you want me to send a platoon of our best to hunt this Jedi Knight down?" The officer explained with a set of Star Charts. "I'll send them my self, Commander" the cloaked figure said. "Sir? What is the name of the platoon?" the officer asked. "That information is classified, continue with your search for that damned traitor Darth KaNar any way" the cloaked figure said turning off the vidscreen with a small gesture of his hand.

Outland City

Buster woke up to see Zira getting up. "Where are you going, Zira?" Buster asked. "Um, I'm going to get breakfast ready" Zira said as she slipped into her nightgown. Buster put his head back down on his pillow and sighed. "Zira? I had the most wonderful time last night. Thank you for remaining true to me even though I have been gone so long" Buster said with a smile on his face. Zira walked over to Buster and leaned down and kissed him on his lips. "You are the most wonderful lion I have been acquainted with, Buster. I love you and I'll always love you" Zira said walking back around the bed and out the door.

Buster got up and walked into the kitchen and sat down. Dagger sat beside him and saw his Lightsaber attached to his belt. "Dad? What is that you have there?" Dagger asked. "Well, Dagger, it's called a Lightsaber. I'll show you it later" Buster said. Then Sereina sat down on the other side and would not let go of him. Buster then put his paw over her head and kept it there. "Come on, Sereina. Leave your father alone and eat your breakfast" Zira said as she sat down in front of Buster. Zira handed buster a plate of toast, beacon and eggs. Buster then picked up his fork and knife and started to eat the eggs. "Buster?" Zira asked as she poured him a glass of orange juice. "Yes?" Buster replied. "Are you going to leave again?" Zira asked. Buster looked up and saw tears in Zira's eyes. "Only if I am obligated to, Zira. Until then I'm with you and our kids" Buster said reassuringly to Zira. Buster then put his fork down and held Zira's trembling paws in his. "I love you, Zira and I'll try to the best of my ability to stay right here" Buster said kissing her paws.

Imperial WolfWorld Capital

Arin looked at some pictures of him and Nightwolf in his rather large home. He then walked over to the crib of his newborn pup, Rezdon. He put his hand on his son's head and slowly petted his sleek blackish gray fur. Nightwolf then came out of their room and saw Arin stroking Rezdon. She sighed with happiness and walked over to Arin. She rested on his shoulder and looked down at Rezdon. "He's cute, isn't he Arin" Nightwolf said with her arms embraced around Arin's chest. "Yes he is cute" Arin said looking up and out the window. "What do you see?" Nightwolf asked. "Nothing, well just look at this place" Arin said as he felt the glass. "I know you are a prominent Imperial officer but you are still my mate and our children's' father" Nightwolf said tightening her grip around his chest. Arin looked down at her and kissed her on her lips.

Arch General, Dargoona Van Kiostro

This older wolf was known in the Imperial community as being a well resourceful officer. His rank of Arch General was achieved by serving in the old United Omega Military. He came out of the smoke and dust of the Renegade wolf campaign and went onto serving farther into the new Galactic Empire. Dargoona, now an elderly wolf, works in Games and Theory or just known as Military Intelligence. He has no mate and therefore works nonstop by learning the enemy and discovering the enemy's weaknesses. Dargoona even taught Arin KaNar to be a Jedi. Buster Tiberious even sought his wisdom for a time when he was learning the ways of a Jedi.

"Sir? There is a message from the Emperor coming in" A small adolescent coyote said as he was flipping through a Play Wolf porn magazine. "Put that crap down you pig. Coyotes, Yeeesh!" Dargoona snapped as he looked up from his desk of papers. "Well where is a coyote to find some sex around here any way! Message commencing now" the adolescent coyote commented. Dargoona rolled his eyes and opened his mouth. "What you do in your spare time is your business and I don't appreciate you making your sex starved actions public anywhere around me, now take that crap out of here" Dargoona said pointing to the door. "Gees you're a jerk ass! What ever made you such an asshole!?" The coyote said getting up and taking his magazine to the bathroom. "Get the hell out of there you disgusting bastard!" Dargoona yelled pounding on the bathroom door. "General, something wrong?" Arin asked on the vidscreen. Dargoona growled as he turned around. "Sorry sir, but I have had some trouble with that young coyote that has been assigned here" Dargoona said sitting down. "And what might that be?" Arin asked scratching his head. "He brought a Play Wolf Porn magazine in here to day and I told him politely to leave, but he took that damn magazine into the bathroom" Dargoona said looking at the bathroom door. "Sick! Aw man! Sick coyotes! Sicker than hell!!" Arin yelled at the vidscreen. "I know what you mean love, one of those assmunchies wanted to screw me! He asked me he wanted to screw me!" Nightwolf yelled too coming up behind Arin. "That does it! There won't be any more crap tolerated by coyotes in this civilization. They will obey the law as they are expected and live like the rest of us, Humans and Animals!" Arin said to him self in a low growling tone.

Sand Pride Lands

Razuma was now enjoying his new life as the king of the Sand Pride. His old kingdom long gone, taken from him when the Empire intervened. Razuma sat in his thorn chair and looked over the reports brought back by scouts. "Sire, this one here!" an old Lion said yelling while holding up a piece of paper. "What is it?" Razuma asked. "There is a sighting of Imperial activity very near the boarder" the old lion said while reading the report. "Well send a warrior group to get them into line. I don't want Imperial pigs getting close to us at all" Razuma said as he turned in his chair to face Kitana who was holding their daughter. "Razuma? I think we should stay our distance from the Empire. I have heard of horrendous acts of genocide the Empire commits on different planets and even in some of the old countries here" Kitana said while putting her paw on his. "No! We must get them away from our kingdom and that's finale!" Razuma snapped. "What's happened to you. You're not the lion I remember" Kitana said with a little bit of tears in her eyes. "Time changes the reflections of us all, Kitana. I will not tolerate Imperial activity so close to our Kingdom" Razuma said as he pulled his paw away from Kitana's. "But remember that they have not yet set foot in our Pride Lands. They are in their boundaries" Kitana said putting her daughter on the ground. "So what! They are not welcome any where near our Pride Lands" Razuma yelled. "Never mind then, make thew biggest damn mistake of your life. What I mean by this is, the Galactic Empire won't take kindly to our bother some warriors" Kitana said as she got up.

Razuma sent the warrior group any way and as the neared the boarder, the Imperial activity was just some mining excavation. The warrior group then with out probable cause, fired their cheaply crafted muskets at the Imperials. One of the Imperial solders fell to his knees and some other ones took cover. The group then called back to King Razuma. "Sire, they were sitting there shooting at us! It's war!" a distorted figure of a lion screamed with static interference on Razuma's vidscreen. "Damn them to hell!" Razuma yelled. "Kill them! Kill them all!!" Razuma yelled shutting off the vidscreen.

On The Imperial Side

One of the solders, Dagger Tiberious set up a 20-mm machine gun and waited for his superior officer's orders to fire. "Private Tiberious, Fire!" the officer yelled.

The Warrior Group

"What the hell!?" one of the SP Landers yelled. As the noise of a huge gun filled the air with it's deadly bullion of lead. "Get on the horn now!" one of them yelled to the Lion with the small vidscreen. That lion then turned it on and opened a channel with Razuma. "Their firing, their firi…argh!" he yelled as a large bullet went screaming through his head. The firing went on for a little bit more. And when it stopped, a young lion crawled to the vidscreen yelling and crying for his mother with a couple of large bullet holes in his stomach and chest. The vidscreen then lost contact with Razuma and followed a static ridden screen.

Chapter 4

The Gerbillushominidae

Imperial Capital/ WolfWorld

Arin sat back in his chair as he opened a package of freeze-dried meat. He was deep in thought t the Sand Pride's choice to attack the Imperial Miners near the boarder, the only boarder left on the planet. Nightwolf then walked into the kitchen with 3 hungry pups following her. "Evening, Arin. How was your day?" Nightwolf asked as she sat the smallest of the pups in his higher elevated seat. Arin looked up and frowned. "That bad?" Nightwolf asked as she sat down in the seat next to him. "I'm thinking about the attack the Sand Pride Lander's committed today" Arin said as he slowly started to chew the dried meat. "Oh! What did they do!?" Nightwolf asked concerned. "They attacked, why else would I have said, the attack the Sand Pride Landers' committed today?" Arin said as he faced Nightwolf. Nightwolf then got up and set the table. "What's for dinner tonight, Nightwolf?" Arin asked as he swallowed the dried meat. "Umm it's this kind of animal from the planet, Tatoonie. Bantha meat, I think" Nightwolf said pulling out a rather large roast from the oven. "Ah tasty" Arin said as he put took off his reading glasses. Jenter, the oldest of the pups got up and left the kitchen. He then came back with the newspaper for his father to read. "Here pa, the newspaper" Jenter said as he sat back down. "Thank you, Jenter" Arin said picking up his glasses and putting them on. He then picked up the newspaper and started to read it. "You're a nice little boy, Jenter" Nightwolf said as she passed him holding Arin's share of the roast. "Aw mom, it was nothing, really" Jenter said as he took a mouthful of water from his glass. "Non the less, son. That was a nice thing you did for me" Arin said peeking over the top of the newspaper at Jenter. Arin then flipped the newspaper back up and continued to read on.

After dinner was over, Arin settled down in his chair in front of the TV in the living room. He put the newspaper and his reading glasses down on the side table beside the chair and picked up the remote control for the TV. "What's on tonight, Arin?" Nightwolf asked as she sat down on his lap. "Nothing until now. How about we make love, Nightwolf?" Arin asked with a seductive smirk. "Sure thing lover wolf" Nightwolf said.

Outland City

Buster sat up from sleeping in and found him self being looked upon a small young Lioness. "Come here, Sereina" Buster said calmly. Sereina then crawled onto the bed and walked over to Buster. "Dada?" She said when she sat down. "Yes?" Buster said. She then grabbed onto Buster's arm and would not let go. Zira then came into the bedroom and saw Buster and Sereina. "There you go, Buster luv. She knows you by your sent. I described it to both Dagger and her" Zira said sitting down on the end of the bed. "She is so cute, Zira" Buster said as he ran his paw through Sereina's head fur. Zira then leaned closer to Buster and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Having caught his attention, Buster put his free paw behind Zira's neck and held her head closer as he and her kissed passionately. "I love you, Zira" Buster said between kisses. "I love you more than the world it self, Buster" Zira said in the same fashion. She then held Buster's paw closer to her heart and kissed him some more. "Holy crap!" Dagger said looking in through the crack of the door. A pillow streaking the door followed by some laughing in the bedroom, greeted Dagger. "Hey! What was that for?!" Dagger laughed as he tried yelling. "Come here, Dagger. Let me look upon you" Buster said. Dagger then opened the door and walked around the bed and sat down on the edge of it. Buster put his paw on Dagger's left arm. "You'll be a Jedi Knight just as I am" Buster said as he looked into his son's eyes. Dagger then put his head on Buster chest and started to cry. "What is wrong, Dagger?" Zira asked stroking her son's furry mane. "I love you, dad" Dagger said crying still. "It's ok, Dagger, I am home now and home to stay" Buster said. "Really?" Dagger asked sniffling and whipping some tears away. "Yes, Dagger. I'll remain here" Buster said holding Dagger's paw. Dagger then got up and left the room still a bit crying, but deep in side, Dagger knew his father was staying home.

Earth, 1975

Deep in the past of humanity lays the most dreaded creation, more dreaded than the atomic bomb. The Gerbillushominidae, A Half Human Girbble. This creation was a bio test in the year 1975 and it formed two types of Gerbillushominidaes'. A Highly intelligent Class and a lower one. The Gerbillushominidae society then began to pick up on the ability to talk, think, walk, reproduce and many other things that a normal human could do.

The Classes were the Tech Class and the War Tribunal Class. When the sientists on the project left, the Tech and the WT Classes joined each other and created their own lower Class. The Grunt Class. With the power of the Tech Class combined with the strength of the WT Class, they made this crude Class for protection and mass war strategic operations where it was impossible for the WT Class to operate.

The Tech Class consisted of highly educated Gerbillushominidae's who practically ran the whole society. The WT or War Tribunal Class were the pay load of the Gerbillushominidae Military. And finally the last Class, the Grunt Class was the lowest intelligent Class and therefore would not revolt against the two other Classes. The Grunts were half alive with many kinds of strange mechanisms on them. Such as a metal cutting tool used to Kill enemies then to cruelly eat the enemies.

They were at once known as the Human Killing machines until the United Nations banned the Gerbillushominidae project from all industrialized countries. All the governments affiliated with the project put a lid on the project except the U.S. They wanted the Gerbillushominidae rodentpeople as a national defense system. Keeping them was the United States most dumbest mistake made since the dropping of the two nuclear weapons Little Boy and Fat Man.

Today, the Galactic Empire has discovered them and has made them a race known as the Gerblemen.

WW Capital City (WolfWorld)

The buildings in the WolfWorld Capital were as high as 2000 ft into the air. The only way to keep them from falling over was large floating platforms high up in the sky. These platforms connected the tops of the buildings with high strength cable in a vast network of cable suspension webs that were all connected to a seZiral SkyHook elevators. These SkyHook elevators were connected to a fairly large spaceport. These spaceports did not go in a orbital approach around the planet. They moved along with the planets natural rotation.

Arin KaNar usually was aboard the Imperial SkyHook, WW Triton. This SkyHook was the official Imperial spaceport for the planet. Whenever Arin was aboard it, there was something wrong.

In a dimly light room, Arin sat drinking a glass of Vodka. A Young Imperial man of 15 came out from behind a counter and walked over to Arin. "Sir, will you have more Vodka?" he asked as he held out his notebook and a pen. Arin looked up kinda tired and nodded his head. The young Imperial man walked back behind his counter and pulled out a bottle of Vodka from under the counter. He then unscrewed to cork and poured a glass of the white alcohol into a clean glass. He then punched in a few numbers in the cash register on the end of the counter and walked back to Arin. "Here you are sir. That'll be 3 credits" he said putting the drink down on the table Arin sat at. "Three huh? Here you go, take four, my courtesy to you young man" Arin said as he fished out 4 credits from his black uniform's pocket. The young Imperial man took the credits with out remorse, as he knew Arin KaNar had billions of credits to him self and his family. "Thank you sir" he said putting the credits in to his pocket.

Time passed and Arin continued to drink more Vodka. He was looking forward to seeing the sunrise from in space. Some of the Storm Troopers who he had commemorated for bravery said that a sun rise from a space view was all to inspiring. Arin turned around to look at the clock on the wall. It was 6:45 am. The young Imperial was long asleep on the counter with a cup of water spilled by his left hand. Arin then got up and walked over to the window and sat in a chair in front of it.

"Holly Crapola! That's bright" Arin thought as the sun was just peeking around the bend of the planet. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" The young Imperial man said rubbing the sleep from his tired and sore eyes. "Huh? Yes, yes it is" Arin said turning around. Arin looked back at the young man who again clunked his head back on to the counter sleeping. Arin looked back at the sunrise. "It reminds me of when my mate, Nightwolf gave birth to our first litter. So new, so bright and full of life" Arin said with a tear in his left eye. "Hmmmm…sleepy time mom. Aww I don't wonna go ta school today, just 5 more minutes mommy" Arin turned around and quietly laughed at the young bar tender.

Arin watched the sunrise for 10 more minutes and got up. As he walked by the counter, Arin left a 15 credit tip by the young Imperial man's cash register.

Arin pressed the button on the elevator and waited for 5 minutes for it to reach the top. He stepped aside and let a few passengers off the elevator and walked in. Arin the yawned and pressed the down button. The elevator soared down the shaft like an arrow being released from a bow. The scenery out side the windows very quickly passed by the bullet like elevator as it made it's descent back to the surface. The clouds passed by as just pillows of fluff and soon the ground was getting closer and closer. It seemed like the elevator was going to crash when it slowed down significantly to a finale stop.

Arin walked out of the elevator and stepped out onto a long narrow balcony with glass windows with reinforced cable and beams lining the windows. Arin stopped to look out the windows and he thought. "A Sunrise is more enjoyable from space, not this crude matter before me" Arin then got walking again. All kinds of Imperial citizens paced him in the balcony. Most were Imperial men, women and children from many other planets. But most were many other kinds of species from all over the galaxy. But there were wolves, lions and even the highly educated Gerblemen. Among the Gerblemen was a Gerbleman named Anthony, the leader of the Gerbillushominidae society. Arin never really liked to be affiliated with then Gerblemen but they were made an equal species in the eyes of the Empire.

Below there were many ships flying around with imports, exports, Troops, transportation ships, Tie fighters and many other kinds of ships coming and going to this newly founded Imperial controlled planet. The buildings where comprised of housing units, offices, companies and some many other kinds of imperial activity.

Arin then got to a large open area where some Imperial's were getting on a transport ship. It was a large narrow ship with windows for a roof. Arin got on and paid the usual payment of 2 credits. He found an empty seat and sat down rubbing his eyes. The ships engines then kicked in and the ship was underway.

Arin looked out of his window to the south. There beyond the city was a baron land of sand dunes. That land was not Empire owned land. Arin then looked at his whatch and smacked his fore head after having a pail look on his face. He then thought. "Damn, I'm so dead now. Nightwolf is going to right pissed off this time" Arin thought.

Nightwolf woke up feeling for Arin then she opened her eyes. She then was startled by the door noisily opening. "Damn door" Someone whispered from it the hallway. "Arin, I'm in here" Nightwolf said aloud as he got into the kitchen. Arin walked through the door and sat down on the end of the bed. "So, was it as beautiful as they all say?" Nightwolf asked after a few minutes of long silence. "Sure was Nightwolf, sure was" Arin said laying down beside her. She thn put her arms around him.

Chapter 5


Sand Pride

Razuma sat up sweating in bed and breathing hard as he could not sleep. He was mad about the actions the Imperial group committed against his Warrior Group. None of the warriors returned as a result of a direct attack with a 20-mm cannon. He crawled out of bed and slipped into his night robe. Razuma walked down to his throne room and was greeted by a mourning lioness. "What is wrong?" He asked sitting down beside her. "M-my only son was killed in that Imperial a-attack" She squeaked out before crying aloud. "That's it, I have had enough of Arin KaNar and that Galactic Empire!" Razuma yelled as he got up. He walked over to the communicator on the wall. He activated it and connected to Arin's office. "How may I help you?" a female voice asked through the large speakers. "I need to speak to Governor KaNar this instant" Razuma said putting a blaster in his robe pocket. "Just a moment please" The female voice said as she put Razuma on hold. Razuma then picked up a stolen Storm Trooper blaster and put it on the table in front of him. "This is Governor Arin KaNar, oh, it's you Razuma" Arin said as he sat at his desk in a pair of boxers and a shirt. "I have had enough of your insolent crap! I declare war against you!" Razuma yelled before shutting off his vidscreen.

Arin sat in his chair shocked by the resent war declaration. He turned to face Nightwolf who just got up from bed. "It's 3:16 in the morning lover, come back to bed" Nightwolf said as she stood at the entrance of Arin's office. "Nightwolf, what I'm going to say will hurt you and I and our entire community. We're at war with Razuma's Sand Pride" Arin said bowing his head low with his ears drooping down. Nightwolf then walked over to Arin and put her arms around him. "How did it happen?" Nightwolf asked. Arin looked up into her eyes and gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Well it started out as the Imperial mining corps was working close to the boarder but, not interfering with Razuma's pride what so ever. Out of no where, some of Razuma's Worries attacked and killed one of solders on duty. Their high ranking officer ordered Dagger, Buster and Zira's son, to arm the 20-mm cannon and he killed them all" Arin said looking at Nightwolf. "Now Razuma thinks we attacked first, so he declared war on us." Arin said turning around to look out side of his window. "He won't survive this war too long. I'll make sure that only him and some of his subjects will be sent to prisons" Arin said as he looked at the barren land 12 miles away from his window. "

Outland Imperial City

Buster was enjoying being on top of Zira as she screamed for more. Then the communicator came to life. "Damn! What a time for that thing to be going off now" Zira growled as she looked at the communicator waiting to be answered. "Crapy crap, crap! I'll get it" Buster moaned as he dismounted Zira. He walked over to the communicator and turned it on. "Hello, who am I speaking to?" Buster asked. "This is the Imperial Military. We are asking for your services in a short offensive action against the Sand Pride. It was commended at 5:45 am this morning, that we are at war with the Sand Pride citizens" an Imperial officer said through the small hologram transmission communicator. "War?" Buster asked with a funny look on his face. "Yes, war. King Razuma has declared war" the Imperial officer said. "Why has the Empire taken a notice in my abilities?" Buster asked. "Governor KaNar has specifically asked for your help in this matter" The officer said again. "Well, I kinda just got home from a year long ordeal in space. You see that lioness there? She has not been with me in a long time" Buster said pointing to Zira who was half naked in the bed. "For that, Governor KaNar is sorry, but he has requested that you, Buster the Jedi Knight to help him" the officer said looking at Zira. Buster sighed and turned to look at Zira. Then he turned back to the communicator. "Ok, I'll help him. But I will not fight in any kind of offensive any thing" Buster said as he put his Blaster in his pocket of his robe. "Good, in 2 hours, be ready to be picked up by an Imperial Tyderian Shuttle in hanger 2 on the Outland WW SkyHook" The Imperial officer said as the transmission was disconnected. "Buster, you just got home" Zira whined as she sat up in bed. Buster turned to her and jumped back into bed. "2 Hours, Zira. Lets finish our love making" With that, Zira took the covers off exposing her naked body to Buster. Buster then got back into position.

Gerbillushominidae Homeland

The Gerbillushominidae society was dumped into the most horrible location known to man. As They prospered with out the aid of mankind, the Gerbillushominidae's became more advanced in many fields. Such was war strategy. Arin KaNar saw their need to be liberated from the horrors of the Old World. He had set up places for these creatures in parts of many Imperial cities. Arin Wondered if he was making a mistake by letting a race of creatures created by humans live in his cities.

But it had to stay in the back of his mind as he was sitting in a chair placed in front of a large vidscreen. "Ready to kill, sir" a voice said through the intercom on his wrist. "Good" Arin said turning on the vidscreen. The vidscreen faded on and a young Imperial officer was looking at it. "Take out their only power plant, then attack Razuma's Royal Military when they are out of power and incapable of know we're coming" Arin said as he picked up a glass of water. "Sir, yes sir!" The imperial said.

Razuma's Boarder

15 minutes after Arin ordered the attack to commence, five large upgraded Twin Ion Engine fighters were taking off vertically. These TIE's had two engine ports for extreme acceleration, two torpedo launchers under the cockpit and improved blaster ports to puncture any kind of armor. The cockpits where shaped like a pyramid sawed in half with extremely thick glass for protection and a good coating of titanium steel alloy over every inch of the TIE Fighter. Two large wings with emergency after burners on them replaced the foil like appearance of the normal TIE Fighter wings.

All the TIE Fighters where speeding above the ground at about 100 ft at a very high speed. The Flight leader was none other than Buster K. Tiberious.

"All TIE's report in" Buster ordered over the Comm System. "PHO 1 reporting!" "PHO 2 reporting!" "PHO 3 reporting!" "PHO 4 reporting!" "Good, prepare weapons systems and engage Night Vision mode!" Buster ordered. Buster sat in his chair with a small clipping of a Picture he had of Zira taped to a bare spot of metal. He lightly put two of his fingers on his paw to his lips and then taped them on the picture of Zira. Buster looked on out the window and saw the first target coming into view. The Royal Sand Pride Power Plant was not very large but it supplied the entire Pride with power. With it out of commission, the Sand Pride Military could not operate properly. "Ok gentle men, their she is! The target you'll be looking for is a large fuel tank with the words Gas Burner Fuel on it. Take that thing oput and… KABBOOOM! We go to our next target!" Buster said sending a small hologram of the fuel tank to the others.

AS they approached the Power plant, a few drunk SP Landers were out on a balcony drinking. "Hey, jo (burp!) e what's that?" on of them said to the other. "I don't know ja (hiccup!) ck!" Then another SP Lander came out and stood still frozen. "Oh…..Shit! The Empire is attacking!" before he could make it to the alarm panel, a torpedo fired from Buster's TIE hit the balcony and sent all three drunk Lions to the ground. The Power Plant was not that big and it was not long until the Gas Burner Fuel tank was found. The officer in PHO 2 then took a shot and blasted it into a huge ball of fire shooting outward like a miniature mushroom cloud. As they retreated, the Power Plants fuel lines where all blowing up and sending huge chunks of metal in every direction. Then with a last explostion, the power Plant blew up with fiery shouts of smoke and metal high into the air of the night. The explosion woke up many sleeping SP Landers in the city around the Plant. Then just as the lights came on from the startled civilians, the lights went back off followed by cussing and yelling.

Razuma was speaking to one of his officers on his vidscreen when it went blank and so did the rest of the lights in the throne room. "What the! Technician! Get in here!" He yelled. "Yes Sire, what is it?" "What the hell just happened!?" "We lost ummm…….the Power Plant to an Enemy attack" "Crap!!!!!!" Razuma yelled as he got up.

Royal Military

Buster was now very pleased with his work so he began to hoot and holler. "Eat the you pile of shit! Wooohooo!" "Ok guys, it's easy. Blast any thing with legs, wheels, treads or satellites!" Buster ordered again.

The attack lasted for half an hour and not one of the TIE's where shot down. Buster hooted and hollered endlessly as he blew up many tanks, trucks and military personnel.

At that time, Arin came out on the Comm system. "Ok, Buster, they get the point. I received a faint transmission from Razuma, he gives up" Arin said. "Your kidding! We won with only one attack!?" Buster said raising an eyebrow. "Yes we won with on attack" Arin said pulling Nightwolf close to him. "Thank you for helping us, Buster" Nightwolf said as she blew him a kiss. "WooHoo! We won boys, we won!!!!! Arin KaNar received a faint transmission from Razuma that he gives up!" Buster then lead the way home while all the others where on autopilot. They all where just goofing around and having a good time. Whoever that transmission was a false one made by the Imperial Officer who landed just a bit away from the Capital.

Chapter 6

The Confrontation

Imperial Capital

Deep inside the Capital city was a secret area only known of it's location by lowly construction workers and the homeless. It was known as the Computer Control Hub Center. It was called this as the most skilled technicians were employed to operate a vast number of components of the City and other cities. In a chair in one of the thousand upon thousands of rooms was an young adolescent Lion. He was punching away at a keyboard as he stared into a screen covered in Aurabesh letters. The keyboard had Aurabesh letters glued to it. A Knock broke the silence he was accustomed to at his door. He flipped a switch on the far side of the screen and a camera window came on the computer screen. "awww crap! Not that goon again!" He though to him self as he rolled his eyes. He then spoke. "Come in" in a low droning voice. The door squeaked open and a younger Lion came in with a briefcase. "How ya doing today?" He said in a nauseating voice. "Shut up and get to work" He the one at the keyboard said as he slammed his fists on the keyboard. "Damn this thing! Don't give that error bull shit again or I'll go postal!" He yelled at the computer screens red flashing error message. "Ho, some ones pissed today. Mister computer being a jerk off, Kelly?" The younger lion asked. Kelly turn to face his younger co-worker. "Shut up, shut up! All damn morning man this pile of junk has been on picky day. So just get to work Fred" Kelly yelled as he turned back to his computer and started retyping what ever he was typing all over again. Kelly then got up and finally relaxing left the room to change his shift over to the most dangerous shift in the CCHC. Working with The Hub brain computer. There was no radiation to worry about, electric shock, poor air, etc. But however, the Hub Brain was a weak Creature attached to many wire and poles. It's given name was Catomus Katt. A Former Member of the INer Pride. A pure killing machine in his day. Now a monitored biological experiment. Arin KaNar knew he was the last of the INers so he made it his pleasure to subject Catomus to witnessing the fall and elimination of the International Nazi Pride.

Kelly walked into the room with the lights off, he activated the computer Hub Communication panel. He then picked up a microphone and spoke. "Time to wake up, Catomus. We need a new reading on your work connected to the Network" Kelly said. Kelly then sat down in the comfy leather chair and waited. After a few minutes some lights started to blink and the main lighting system came on. In the center of the room was a round cylinder with a rounder top. The lights on the side were all red and in panels that went from the bottom of the cylinder to it's top. Then a loud noise like a Computer fan started up. After another few minutes, the cylinder opened at a crack in the middle. There in a large chair with wires and poles sat Catomus Katt. A raged figure of the past Catomus Katt. Kelly then spoke into the microphone. "Are you ready to get to work?" As Kelly asked, a window like shield came down in front of Catomus's face. Green lines began to show up on the glass. "Yes" Catomus said with out moving his lips. The voice was not his though, he was tortured before the Empire showed up and as a result, his voice box was surgically removed as a punishment for killing so many wolves of the old United Omega Pack and of course the Outland Empire Pride. And so may other prides and civilizations. Now a life less computer voice that sounded like a robot was his only means of communication. On the glass shield was a line that was a sound detector that became a scribble mess when Catomus spoke.

Catomus stood in his sat in his chair not moving, but his mind was moving, he was working out complicated equations that only a super computer could do. He once tried to execute the endless image equation and went through the whole process of the equation.

As he sat there, something caught his attention. A disturbance in the law upheld by Arin KaNar. "A Sith Lord, a lone Sith Lord landed" One of Catomus's many sensors reported to him. It was up to him to report any kind of law being broken, but he somehow refused to report it in. He then searched the Sith Lord out and had connection with the Sith Lords Ship. "To Who ever you are, I'll divulge and information you require" Catomus said in a message to the Sith Lord's ship Comm system. "Whoa re you?" a Voice said. "I am Catomus Katt. The Computer Control Hub Center brain" "Good, a raw killing machine, mercenary fpr me to use. I'm sending you a simple formula that'll allow to regain full control of your body. Plus you can even read minds and have the ability to show no presence of your self to the Imperial Sensors" The Sith Lord said.

A few minutes past and a surge of raw power entered Catomus. After it left, he looked at the Lion in front of him. Catomus then sent his fist through the 12 inch glass shield and activated a release switch. "Oh shit" Kelly muttered to him self as he saw Catomus's restraints disengage. The glass shield then moved aside.

Catomus stepped out and walked over to Kelly. Kelly fumbled for his blaster then found self being held up by the tremendous paw of Catomus around his neck. Catomus then pulled Kelly out the chair and over the control panel. Catomus then shoved Kelly into the holding unit. And activated the release switch the door of the holding unit closed on Kelly and cut him in half. Catomus then leaned down and picked up Kelly's Smart Card and Blaster. He then said, "Rest in peace" Catomus then turned to face the door and walked over to it.

He was now in the hallway and killing any one who got in his way.

Arin's office

Arin sat down with Buster seated in front of him. "For your extraordinary work at ending this war, I here by present you a postion of Commanding the Hierarchy Galactic Empire Military in this System. Thank you Buster" Arin said as he handed Buster a shiny medal. Buster then got up and pinned the new medal on his Imperial uniform and shook Arin's paw. Buster left the room and was confronted in the courtyard by a cloaked figure. The cloaked figure then removed his hood. There he was, Darth Resso in front of Buster. The battle-ridden face of the old man could be seen for miles. His face was burned in Buster's memories of his uncle's death. "You!" Buster yelled as he quickly pulled out his lightsaber. Darth Resso then brought his hands to his stomach and turned on his evilly looking red lightsaber. Buster turned on his and started his attack with a low swing. The fought for a few minutes till Buster had a scar over his bare fur showing on his left shoulder. Buster then tried to rush Darth Resso. Darth Resso quickly moved away and stuck out his arm. Buster's neck meet his arm. Buster fell backwards and in a flash, had a glowing red lightsaber in his face. "Now you die young Jedi" He said as he held the lightsaber just above Buster's nose. Out of no where came a gun shot and the beam of the Blaster hit Darth Resso's Lightsaber. He looked up to se another Jedi Knight holding a glowing White Lightsaber and a Blaster. It was Arin.

Chapter 7

The Unknown Abyss

Buster laid down in his bed after being attacked by Darth Resso. He was enraged that the Sensors never informed any thing about Darth Resso's presence. Buster sat up and looked at the fresh wound on his left shoulder. Still bleeding, Buster took a needle from his night table that had a strong anesthetic drug in it. Buster stuck it in his should and clenched his teeth as the pain was extremely bad. He then squeezed on the end forcing the drug in his shoulder.

Buster relaxed as the pain was subdued by the anesthetic drug. He slowly pulled the needle out of his shoulder. At that time, Zira came home from shopping in the shopping mart. She instantly noticed the blood droplets on the floor. She put the bag of goods on the counter in the kitchen and followed the trail of blood droplets. She peeked into her room as the blood droplets led there. Buster was laying down with an extreme amount of blood on his shoulder. Zira ran to him put her paw on his shoulder. "Zira, it was Darth Resso. He has landed. I'm alive because Arin shot Darth Resso's lightsaber out of his hand" Buster said as he sat up. "Are you ok love1?" Zira asked franticly with tears in her eyes. "Yes I am, Zira. Just a little hurt, that's all" Buster said as he got off the bed. Buster then made his way to the door and pushed it open with is right hand. He walked into the living room and grabbed a First Aid package from the top shelf of the book shelf in the living room.

Buster sat down in his favorite chair and opened the package. He pulled out a small paper package with gauze bandage in it. He then pulled out a roll of white tape. Buster put the First Aid package on the side table and ripped the gauze package open. Buster lightly placed it on his shoulder and pulled 4 pieces of tape off the roll. He taped the gauze to his shoulder. "There, it'll heal in time" Buster said to him self.

Zira came into the living room and leaned down over Buster. She then hugged him and started to cry. "You could've been killed, Buster. I love you so much, I don't know what I would do with out you" Zira said holding onto Buster as she cried. "Don't cry, love. I'll be alright" Buster soothingly said to Zira as he ran his right paw over her back to her tail.

An Abandoned Imperial Mine

An Imperial Research Team was looking for materials to use for many kinds of research needed for new machines and such needed by the Empire to continue to manufacture more cities and ships. They came across a well hidden Imperial mine that was shut down a few months before they arrived. "I'm gonna check this place out, the readings on metals in there are extremely high" One of them said. The older Imperial officer tied a rope to the metal support beam hanging over the mouth to the mine. He then lowered him self down.

When he reached the bottom, he stopped and looked around. "What a strange pungent smell down here. Hmmm must be mold or something" He said to him self as he got out his flashlight. As he turned it on, he caught the sight of a large furry creature taking off. "What the hell was that?" He said as he walked in the direction that he saw it.

The walls wall's of the tunnel were covered in a red material as he walked slowly into a more darker place. The red colored substance seemed to be showing up with more and more of it as he walked farther down the tunnel. He stopped dead silent as he heard a low rumbling noise. The noise was constant and almost sounded like a machine with poor lubrication. The farther he walked, the louder the rumble got. Finally, he got to a large open area with some lighting dimly showing it's light just below a cliff a few ft in front of him. The Imperial officer got to his knees and peeked over the edge. With a few electric lights barely working, he saw the hideous faces of Gerbillushominidae. He backed away and bumped into the tunnel, but when he turned around, a 7 ft Gerbleman was blocking his way.

It screeched a loud thunderous squeak, then spoke. "Ready to die human?!" It laughed with a annoying squeaky voice. With it's sudden screeching, the Gerbillushominidae below started to squeal and squawk with a very loud lower squeak. The Gerbleman then pushed the Imperial officer over the edge and into the hungrily waiting Gerbleman below. His pleas for help lasted only a short 10 seconds.

His colleagues above ground heard his pleas for help very faintly. But continued to hear the squeaking and squawking of an unknown creature.

After a few minutes past, one of the Gerblemen below the cliff, jumped up onto a rock tearing a large chunk of meat from a head. It held the head with two rather large metal appendages on either end of it's paws while it chewed and tearing more meat from the head with a rather nasty set of metal teeth. It finished eating the meat from the skull and clamped its mouth around the skull. And crunched it in its mouth swallowing the whole head bone and all. It then rested and cleaned it's mouth of blood by licking it's paws then slicking out it's fur. It then licked off the blood on the metal claws it had on either paw.

The other Imperials above ground ten took off back to report to their superior officers.

Arin KaNar's Yacht

Arin was sitting at a table with Nightwolf on the other side. They were having a nice quite meal together when Arin got a call on his Comm panel on the wall beside him. Arin sighed and grunted a few obscenities but stopped when Nightwolf shot him a quick shut up look. Arin then turned in his seat and turned on the Vidscreen. "What is it, it better be important" Arin growled at the Imperial officer on the other end. "There, you go Doctor, Governor A. KaNar" The officer said to someone standing on the left. "Sir, this is Doctor Scatt. I have to ask a question, where did you send the Gerbillushominidae race when they came out of hiding?" the doctor said as he whipped some sweat from his brow. "You look pale, Doc, oh umm, I allowed them to live in the old iron ore mine 1210" Arin said as he pulled out a note book. "Sir, they killed one of us" the doctor said franticly. "What!? They killed one of us!? How dare they do such a horrendous act!" Arin growled as he put a few words on in his notebook. Arin then looked away and shut off the vidscreen. Nightwolf now had a shot a face to Arin of concern.

The Projects of Outland City

As there were citizens who were wealthy, there were also the unfortunate citizens who had barely any thing to live on. Among these citizens was Kiara, all lone in the world. She had no idea where her mother or father went to, but she was alone with no one to care for her.

The slums of many Imperial city were of course run by drug lords and gangs. Kiara was usually caught up in some kind of illegal operation, but she had no choice but to choose to do illegal things to gain money to feed her self and to buy little things only a Lioness would buy.

In a lone ally street, a lion was walking down to a cardboard box. Kiara woke up to hear foot steps approaching her hide away in a box. She started to tremble with fear as she always would. The drug lords and gangs were not usually fond of any one seeking refuge in the area of their business. She started to think wildly. "Is he a drugie!? Is he a gang member?! Is he gonna kill me, rape me what!? What is he doing here!? There is no drugie activity here nor gang activity!" Kiara started to cry then as the foot steps got louder, she then burst out of her cardboard box. She ran down the ally then tripped on a fallen piece of lumber. The lion then ran after her. Kiara knew he was running now, so she quickly got up and started to run.

The lion then waved his hand and a load of bricks and lumber fell from a building blocking her from escaping. Kiara then knelt to the ground crying aloud. The lion stopped in front of her and threw her a bundle of new crisp Imperial credits. She looked up from burying her face in her paws at the credits. "What? What's this for?" She said still crying with tears of fear drowning her every thought. "Take it child, and come with me" he said in a low soothing voice. She looked up at his face. "You, your Buster Tiberious!?" She asked holding back on her sobbing. "Yes, it is I" Buster said as he crouched to the ground on his haunches. "Your mother wanted me to find and make you my second mate" Buster said putting a his paw under her chin. "My mother said that?" She asked while still sniffling. "Yes, she did" Buster replied. "What about my father?" Kiara asked. Buster looked down at the rain soaked pavement. "Well as I hear it, he has not been seen for 7 months. He would have never left Nala that long, so we presume that he may be dead" Buster said as he looked back into Kiara's eyes. She then sat up put her arms around Buster. "Buster, I don't know if that will work ,but if my mother has wished it, I'll be your second mate" Kiara said as she looked into Buster's dark blue eyes. Buster then grabbed Kiara's paw and helped her to her feet. Buster then bent over and picked up the credits and stuffed them into Kiara's open paw. She looked at the credits and then at Buster. Kiara then gave Buster a small kiss on his cheek.

Buster then pulled his robe sleeve back and pressed a button on his Wrist Comm. "Buster? Did you find my daughter?" a voice came through on it. "Yes I did Nala, send the Tyderian Shuttle down, DeVon" Buster said as he put his arm around Kiara. "Sure thing boss" DeVon replied. "It's gonna be ok, Kiara" Buster said as he rubbed her right cheek with his paw. Kiara looked at Buster then smiled.

The Frat Rat was just as junky as before as it landed in the ally. Buster then led Kiara to the Frat Rat. Buster sat down in his favorite chair and invited Kiara to join him. Nala then came out of the cockpit and hugger Kiara. "My Kiara is back. Thank you Buster" She said with a tear in her eye. "I know your wondering why I want you to become Buster's second mate, Kovu has joined a society in another Star system called. Umm the Outerridge Territories" Nala said looking into Kiara's frightened and sad eyes. "Why did he leave me mother! Why!?" Kiara burst out crying. "He had too much of his surrogate father in him Kiara. He became like Scar. The only thing I know that would send him to the Outerridge Territories would be the massive gambling opportunities on the Planet Tatoonie" Buster said as he showed Kiara a hologram of the Tatoo System with it's two suns, Tatoo 1 and Tatoo 2. "Buster? Is that Tatooine there, the one that you have highlighted?" Kiara asked while sitting down beside Buster. "Yes Kiara that's Tatooine" Buster said as he brought up a global scale hologram of Tatooine. "This city here is called Mos Espa and this one here is called Mos Eisly. They both are huge SpacePort Cities and more gambling then any thing else goes on in both cities. I think that Kovu left you for the not to shiny life of a gambler or maybe a smuggler" Buster said as he put his arm around Kiara. He looked back at Nala and she nodded her head.

Outland City

Buster led Kiara to her room, which was Dagger's now all grown up and ready to take on the roles of an Imperial citizen. Zira was in the kitchen when Buster brought Kiara home with him. "Kiara, I hope you are gonna stay with Buster, I have and always will" Zira said as Kiara sat down in a chair around the kitchen table. Buster then sat down beside her. Kiara looked up at him then put her paw on his. Buster looked up into Zira's eyes and saw a look. Zira then motioned for the bed room. Buster looked back to she his daughter Sereina whining to have some food before supper. "Hush Sereina, you'll get your food, I promise" Buster said as she walked over to him. Buster turned around and picked her up. "Kiara, this is my daughter Sereina. Say Hello to you second mother Sereina" Buster said. Sereina whined and started trying to get away from Buster. "What's the matter, Sereina?" Buster asked. Sereina then started to cry and scratch Buster's arm. "Ow! Your getting strong, Sereina" Buster said. Kiara looked at Sereina then Zira. "She looks a lot like you, Zira" Kiara complemented. "Why thank you, Kiara. I'm sure Buster will bless you with a fine little cub of your own someday" Zira said as she put Buster's plate of supper in front of him. Zira then returned with Kiara's plate. Zira sat down with her plate in hand and Sereina's. "There you are, Sereina, eat up" Zira said rubbing Sereina's head. As they ate, Kiara placed her paw on Buster's thigh. Buster looked up from eating and then lowered his head to continue to eat. Kiara moved her paw up and down his thigh. "Buster? Is there something wrong?" Zira asked looking up from her plate. "Umm, no there is not, Zira" Buster said with a smile. Kiara then moved her paw closer between his legs. Buster now was starting to like what Kiara was doing and let her continue to feel him out. Buster then saw the look on Zira's face. "What?" he asked with his mouth full. "Nothing" Zira snickered to her self with a huge smile on her face. Kiara then moved her paw deeper in between Buster's leg. He looked over at her and she looked up with a smile. Buster looked over at Zira again who was almost finished eating. Kiara moved closer yet, very closer until paw soft slender paw meet what she was feeling for. Buster almost jumped out of his seat, but he was enjoying the young Kiara feeling him out, so he started to eat again. Kiara then slipped her paw around his manhood and held onto it with a gentle grip.

After dinner, Zira left to pick up Dagger from his friends place. Buster sat in his leather chair in the living room and waited for Kiara to get the point and come in to the living room.

Kiara was sitting at the table when She heard Buster call her. She walked slowly into the living room and sat in on the couch. "Yes, Buster?" she asked a little scared at first. "That leopard I worked with a year ago, you did not really birthed, did you?" Buster asked remembering the Leopard pilot in the chopper he was in. "No, After Kovu left, I adopted him. He had no one" Kiara said as she looked at Buster. "So, you were never married to that leopard who was his father?" Buster asked again. "No, I told him so that he would stay with me, I wanted to take care of him" Kiara said while lying down. "So, did Kovu ever make love to you?" Buster asked again. Kiara sat up and shook her head. "He passed up something good right there" Buster said as he took off his boots and set them beside the chair.

After buster was asleep in the chair for awhile, Kiara got up and went to the bathroom. Buster heard the shower going as he woke up. He then turned on the TV. Kiara then came out of the bathroom and walked into the living room in only a towel. She got in Buster's way of the TV and dropped the towel to the floor. He then led Kiara into his room.


Soran Joran Catomus Magnus and Blood Lustful Darth Resso

WolfWorld Capitol

Arin was sleeping as he sat in his desk chair. He was dreaming of peace and prosperity. But he knew that this was dream. The threat of the Gerbillushominidae Society was gaining ground every day, as they pursued Imperial activity and eradicated it. Plus there was a defector among the Imperial ranks. Arin had no idea who the defector was until he paid a visit to the Computer center deep under the city. Arin slowly walked over to the empty computer console tube. "Soran Joran Catomus Magnus? Who the hell is this?!" he snapped as he turned to the technician behind him. "Umm, a former Death Guard of the highest command of the International Nazi Pride. "Did you have him under heavy sudation?" Arin asked as he noticed the large pool of blood under the control panel. "Yes, but he over came it and I see you noticed the blood stains, killed a technician. We still have not found him, but we are continuing the search" Arin rolled his eyes and smacked his left paw on this forehead. "Stupidity! Just plain old damn stupidity!!" He yelled as he left the computer room.

In An Old Building

A small Persian cat shivered in the cold weather as he removed a bullet from his left arm. "OW! God that hurts!!!" He yelled as he pulled the long silver bullet from his arm with a pair of pliers. "Dam it!" He snorted as he covered his wound with one of the socks he was wearing. "No ones gonna make an asshole out of SJCM!" he yelled as he leaned over to pick up a funny looking AK-47. The whole thing was made out of Stainless Steel. The bullets were also stainless steel. He then pulled out a silver clip and clipped it into place. The backed up against the wall behind him and kicked out the wooden barrier in front of him. The Persian cat then started to crawl on his stomach. As he reached the new opening, he took his target into the sights and fired a few quick shots. The Imperial man on the other side of the road, fell over backwards with blood spewing out of his newly created orifices. As he fired more and more, the side of the gun had the old INer Swastika engraved in gold on the side of it.

Down below, Buster, the new appointed Arch General of ground operations, was operating an AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport). The noise of the engine and leg system of the AT-ST was heard for some distance. Buster looked at his vidscreen and pressed some buttons on the overhead display panel. He then looked out the small window and saw a cat firing at some of his troops. "Now you're a dead pile of crap cat!" He yelled over the intercom of the AT-ST. The Persian cat then looked to his left and fired at the window of the AT-ST. "Awa shit!" Buster grunted out as he powered up the blasters. Then as the Persian cat reloaded, Buster pressed the fire button. Laser after laser hit and destroyed the area where the cat was. Buster stopped firing and opened the hatch on the AT-ST. He got out holding a grappling hook pistol. He fired up at the roof of the room where the cat was. Buster then climbed the rope and took out his blaster. The cat was in the right corner of the room. Buster grabbed him by the nap of his neck and slapped on a pair of security binders around the Cat's wrists. "Name" Buster said as he pulled out a recording unit. "Soran Joran Catomus Magnus" He said with his head low and ears dropping low. "Rank" Buster said again. "I have no rank, I'm a umm……..Former Death Guard INer" he said with a low voice. "Your under arrest for the death of one Imperial solder and for reverting back to INerizim" Buster said. Buster stopped the recorder short as he heard a low rumbling noise. "Holy crap!" one of the solders yelled from out side. Buster pointed his blaster to SJCM, as he looked out side. There is nothing there in that sky…oh shit! GerbleMen!" Buster yelled as he saw a huge mining machine plow through the ground followed by hundreds of Grunt GerbleMen. "Kill them all!" a squeaking voice yelled. "The grunts horrendously slaughtered the solders on the streets and any living thing they encountered.

Buster then pulled the trigger on his blaster. "Damn this thing!" he yelled. Catomus then looked to his side, and saw his AK-47. He picked it up and placed it into Buster's hand. "What?" Buster said as he turned to see, tears in Catomus's eyes. They killed my family, revenge is at hand" Catomus said as he pulled out two more clips and a pistol. Catomus moved Buster aside and cocked the pistol. It was no ordinary pistol, it was a high powered Uzi. The bullets meet a lot of GerbleMen grunts. Buster then caught on and opened fire at the grunts. As most of the street was being filled with dead and dying GerbleMen Grunts, Buster saw a War Tribunal run from the side of the street with a small bundle of cloth. Buster looked closer and saw it was a young Kitten. "To hell with these demon creatures buster yelled as he fired a single shot into the WT's head. Catomus then pointed his Uzi at the fuel tank on the mining machine. The mining machine exploded into thousands of fireballs and collapsed the tunnel the Gerbillushominidae's used to reach the city. Buster handed Catomus his AK-47 and grabbed the rope and swung across to the AT-ST. Buster started it up and fired at the GerbleMen Grunts while the heavy legs of the AT-ST squashed the GerbleMen grunts who got too close for comfort. The Grunts crude metal cutting tools where no match for the AT-ST's blasters.

By the time, Buster realized, he had destroyed a rather large number of Grunts. Buster climbed out of the AT-ST once again. He looked over the dead and dying grunts. Then out of the corner of an old shop, a GerbleMan in a black robe with strange symbols on the seems of the robe, came out of hiding. Buster quickly retreated into the AT-ST. He then got out his prerecorded information data chip and put it into the computer slot. Buster placed a laser pen on the Tech icon on the screen. Then a computer voice read out Tech info.

The Technocrat class of the Gerbillushominidae Society, a informational tutorial section. The Technocrats of the Gerbillushominidae Society are the most intelligent members of the society. They are gathered together in large groups known as Gerbil Brigades. These Brigades of Technocrats are highly sufficient at the following; Mining, Killing, operation of clan and surrounding lower classes, Mass reproduction, Computer control, security, law enforcement and eliminating all out side influences.

These "Gerbil Clans" gather together to make a super clan that is called the "Gerbil KSCOF Clan". This means "Killing Spree Clan Of Hell". It's during this time and only this time that the War Tribunal and Technocrat classes can be seen fighting with the lower, aggressive class of Grunts. It has been recorded that the "Gerbil KSCOH Clan" has ruthlessly snatched young and fragile members of other races to interbreed them into an even lower class called the "Outside Class". All due respect, as the interpreter of this Information provided to you today, I say, "Gerbillushominidae can eat my shit and die!!! Kick their asses with what resources you have! Eradicate their existence from the world! Ravage their land! Destroy their Breeding centers! Don't hesitate, I repeat don't hesitate to pull the trigger! They'll act on every hesitant moment you make! So kill them already!!!!!" This Information has been provided to you by the sponsor ships of the Galactic Empire and WolfWorld Military Corps"

Buster shut off his screen and looked out the window again. Several other Technocrat GerbleMen appeared. Buster then powered the AT-ST up. "Oh, what's this gizmo for?" Buster asked him self as he looked at a red button on the panel in front of him. Buster took a closer look. "Forward mounted Dragon Missile launcher and electromagnetic power surge?" Buster said as he read the Aurabesh under the button. "Sweetness!!!!! Now that's fire power!! Woo Yeah!!" Buster yelled as he activated the button. Then a screen with a different kind of targeting system activated. Buster aimed and fired a Dragon class ballistic missile. The missile hit the corner of the shop. Bricks and metal siding shattered and soared in every direction. Buster then looked at the small onscreen display that said Electromagnetic Surge. "Sounds nasty" Buster said as he pressed it's firing button. On the sides of the AT-ST, two doors opened and a long blast of electricity like Lightning was sent through the air. The electric shock fried the Technocrats and any thing with in 500-yard radius. "Holy Shit!!!" Buster yelled as he got out of his AT-ST. Buster looked over the now dead lot of Gerbillushominidae that once were pure killing machines.

Arin KaNar was still sleeping as Nightwolf brought him his dinner from home. He never stirred from his sleep as Nightwolf put a plate of his favorite food on his desk. She sighed then kissed him on the forehead. He then moved to one side of the partly slanted chair. His communicator then awaked him. "Crappies! Who is it?" Arin asked while keeping his eyes closed. "Arch General Buster Tiberious, reporting on disturbance in sector 17-A" The voice of Buster said. "Argh! Wake me up why don't ya!" Arin said opening his eyes and instantly squinting out the bright office lights. "I did wake you up, no need for the incorrect sentence, Arin" Buster said with a little humor in his voice. "Shut up, Shut up! I'm not in the mood for your lion humor today, Buster" Arin said drinking the last of his coffee. "BLEH!!!!" "Shenzi!!!! This coffee's Staler than shit!!! Get me another cup now, please" Arin said as he spat out the stale coffee into his waste bucket. A young Hyena came into the office and picked up Arin's coffee mug and poured him another cup with the coffee theorems she had in her right paw. All the while, Arin was yawning, scratching him self and looking at his watch. "There it's 8 PM, you may go home now, Shenzi" Arin said as he took a long slurp of his coffee. "Thank you sir" She said as she walked out of the room. Arin then looked back at his Communicator. He then activated the Hologram protocol system. "Why Buster, you're sweating. Encountered some crap with that Persian cat?" Arin asked while looking rubbing his eyes and looking at a mirror. "Umm, it's not the cat, it was the Gerbillushominidae Technocrat Super Clan, the Gerbil KSCOH Clan" Buster said while puffing and huffing. "What!!?? Killing Spree Clan Of Hell?!" Arin asked very concerned. "Yep that's them. They are now exercising their annual Interbreeding project. And I just laid waste to the first wave of them intruding demons!" Buster proudly presented to Arin. "Good work Buster. Now then about that Persian cat, who is he?" Arin asked. "Umm he is that missing computer technician you were looking for, the one who escaped from the computer control tube, Soran Joran Catomus Magnus. He did help me fight the Gerbillushominidae, so go easy on his sentence" Buster said transmitting SJCM's location to Arin. "Ok, as he helped you out, I'll lessen his sentence from 4 to 3 months. Buster then shut off his link to Arin. Arin then fell back smiling and fell asleep again.

Capitol City Outskirts

One of the newer Jedi Knights, Jason Jay was on a simple training route he always took. He neared the cities mechanical junkyard. It was filled with thousands upon thousands of mechanical devices that no longer run. Among the crap metal and machines, was Arin's old Tank yacht. It had been left in the junkyard after the city was basically up and running. It had one of it's tracks removed from salvaging junk collectors and personnel who paid good money for certain types of metal. Jason climbed into the tank, which he made his hang out with a few other Jedi Knights. He tripped over someone on the floor as he got into the hallway of the Tank Yacht. He turned around to look back. It was The Hit Man, a Jedi Knight. Jason then just got up and walked into the main lounge of the Tank were once, Arin and Nightwolf made love on the couch. Jason sat down in his chair and knew something was not right. He looked up and saw the faint outline of someone standing on the table in front of him. Out of the shadows came a red light glowing and humming loudly. "Who are you!!" Jason yelled as he pulled out his yellow lightsaber. The other person said no word and launched him self at Jason. Having knocked Jason's Lightsaber to the floor, The dark figure decapitated him with one quick swing of his lightsaber.

Arin and Buster simultaneously felt a disturbance in the force.


Tremor in the Force

Buster could not sleep very well over the past 3 nights. Arin was the same way. They both confronted each other to discuss their feelings about the recent tremor they both felt in the force. "I wish I knew what it was, Arin. This is like a limbo of feelings when a bad thing happens in the force, or the mere presence of the forces of the dark side are near" Buster said as he sat down on Arin's couch in his living room. Arin was seated in his leather chair reading a read out on his Communicator. "You are absolutely right, Buster. We Jedi Knights feel a certain mixed feeling when something has happened that has disturbed the natural balance in the universe or if the power of the Dark Side is close" Arin said as Nightwolf walked in with a tray with some Glasses of water on it. She offered on to Buster then the other one to Arin. Arin kissed Nightwolf on the cheek then said, "Thank you, Nightwolf". Arin then continued to talk. "Ya know, Buster. This is not the first time I felt this particular feeling. I have not felt it since you and I meet Darth Resso" Arin said with a puzzled and confused look. "That is right, this is the feeling of Darth Resso! He is still around" Buster said.

Main Strike Square (WolfWorld Capital City Main Center)

The Main Strike Square was a large center for citizens to meet and just lounge around. It was set up in a square pattern with Arin KaNar's Imperial building making up on of it's sides. Directly across from His building was the WWMC (WolfWorld Military Corps) Building. In the center of the Square was a black volcanic glass pillar shaped into a square. On each side of the pillar was the Galactic Empire symbol embossed out form the pillar in stainless steel. On the other ends were civilian complexes and shops.

Walking alone was a tall man in a black robe. He walked over to the pillar and rested his elderly back against it. He took out a cloth from his pocket and whipped his brow free of sweat. He put the cloth back and yawned. He then closed his eyes. Then he opened them again and started to walk again.

Arin and Nightwolf were sitting on one of the many benches in the Square that day. Arin had his arm around Nightwolf as she quietly snoozed. Arin then started to fall asleep as well.

The man standing by the pillar then pulled out a small communicator. "I'm going for it" He said into it. "Take it slowly" a voice said back. The man then put his communicator away and put his other hand into the other pocket. He then started to walk towards Arin and Nightwolf. An officer behind Arin and Nightwolf noticed the man coming closer. The man then made an impression through his coat. Arin's Bodyguard then clenched his hand over his blaster. The man then looked up to the tops of the civilian buildings. A flag was spotted and he continued to walk towards Arin and Nightwolf. The other man on the rooftops then aimed with an old AK-47 at the bodyguard. Then the first man pulled out a cigarette and light it.

On the rooftops, the other man smiled. "That's the signal alright" he thought as he slowly squeezed the trigger.

The shot came and the bodyguard was covering a wound as he slowly sank to his knees. Arin and Nightwolf woke up being pushed to their feet at point black range by a high powered pistol. "Get up! Get up!!" the first man yelled as he shoved Arin and Nightwolf off the bench. The other man on the rooftop made a quick look out for Storm Troopers. Then from the other end came four or five blaster shots. He then zoomed in on the attackers. Before he could return fire, another sniper shot him between the eyes.

The first man held up his pistol and fired at the Storm Troopers. They took cover as 125 caliber bullets whizzed by them.

One of the other Arch Generals, TimeKeeper, came out of a bar with his assault rifle. He quickly took aim and fired a few shots at the first man. The man fell over and aimed his pistol at Nightwolf. Then one of the Storm Troopers shot his pistol out of his hand. "Ow!!!!" he yelled as he got up again and ran. TimeKeeper kept his assault rifle on him and fired a few more shots as the man made almost made it to an alley.

Nightwolf buried her face into Arin's arms and cried. TimeKeeper then walked over to the man. And kicked him over onto his back. "Ha! Nashentak!!!! HAHAHA" TimeKeeper said in Aurabesh.

The main elevator on the main complex then opened. Buster walked out with his field uniform on. He was greeted by one of the Storm Troopers. "Sir, the situation is under control. The Assassins have been stopped" the Storm Trooper reported. "Good" Buster said walked over to Arin and Nightwolf. Buster then out his paw on Nightwolf's shoulder to calm her down. Arin looked at Buster and then shook his hand. "Thank you Buster, I owe you my gratitude greatly for this" Arin said smiling.

After Buster cleaned up the mess of the dead assassin, he pulled out a red book containing all of the past illegal operations committed in the Empire. He wrote assassin attempt by GerbilMen attack. He then closed it up and put it back into his pocket. Buster then walked out of the main square and headed for the City-To-City transport vessel. He gave a yellow piece of paper to the Imperial officer guarding the entrance. Buster then got on and found a seat. The Transport Vessel was a high-speed speeder rigged up on a large anti gravity rail system. This Transport Vessel was a little like a Hover Train.

Deep in the heart of the city, a mad man known as Darth Resso collected troops to attack the city.

Buster's Home

Buster sat down in his chair and flicked on the TV. Before h knew what was happing, he say a bright flash of light from the main part of the Capital out side his window. "What the?!" Buster then got up and ran to his Hologram communicator. He pressed in Arin KaNar's calling number. "Buster! Good it's you! There was a tremendous explostion in the main sewage system. It's Darth Resso. He has collected a number of followers. Their attacking! Get your ass down here!"

Buster said not a word and he was off to his personal advanced TIE Interceptor.

The Battle

The battle was being fought on the ground with tones of men shooting at each other. Darth Resso's men could be noticed quite easily as they used old AK 47's from the Cold War. Arin was nestled in a chair in a large transport tank. He could here the lasers and bullets hit the sides of the heavily armored transport. Buster meet up with a few of his fellow comrades and started their assault on the Troops commanded by Darth Resso. Buster's TIE Interceptor crashed into the side of a building. He crawled out and activated his blaster.

Darth Resso was standing on the balcony of a building. He then reached down and pulled out a bazooka. The loud thunking noise of it startled Arin as he knew it was coming. A Large hole was made in the side of the Transport Tank, Arin then tried to conceal him self, but a stray bullet struck on the spine. "AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" Arin yelled as he fell to his knees. Then just as fast as Darth Resso arrived on WolfWorld, he left on a Tyderian Shuttle.

Buster found Arin still alive but a pool of blood surrounded him. "Buster………..Take Care of…….Nightwolf…For me………" With that, Arin spat his last breathe in a calm tone. Buster sat by him in shock then looked down at Arin's lifeless body. "You wish is my command, friend" Buster said as he ran his paw over Arin's eyes to shut his eye lids.

4 Months latter

Still after four months, Nightwolf continued to mourn Arin's death. She cried constantly at the mere sight of a picture of him or some one saying his name. Buster was now running for the position of Governor, but he knew Arin had done a better job then he did. Buster knew Darth Resso would return to kill him as well, he came to WolfWorld this time to kill him. But for Darth Resso, it was better for him to kill Arin as he was the Governor.

Chapter 10

Arin the Great

2 years after Arin's fall from power and life, Buster lost the election of regional Governor ship over WolfWorld to Grah-Dahn the Mon Calamari. Grah-Dahn was one of the most prominent Members of the Mon Calamari in the Galactic Empire.

He ruled WolfWorld with a significant different tone than the passive tone Arin KaNar presented. Many citizens including his widowed mate, Nightwolf protested against Grah-Dahn's ruling methods. For Arin had a slow relaxed, tension free policy. Grah-Dahn had the entire planet operational in industrial, exportation, importation and production of a hell of a lot more than Arin had done. The former Earth now was rapidly depleting it's resources.

Some native citizens who knew better left the planet as soon as industrialization picked up from it's original 42% to a whopping 240% only in a short four months. Buster and Zira wanted to leave the dying planet, but Buster knew Nightwolf, who he promised Arin to take care of would not want to go.

Nightwolf still mourned for Arin, then life had sped her into a world of sadness, pain and remorse. She wanted to leave with Buster and Zira, but she did not want to leave the city her beloved mate, Arin KaNar died in.

Out of a rage of anger and sadness for Nightwolf, Buster hired a couple hundred bounty hunters to kill the GerbilMen. Fir it was their fault that the WolfWorld Military Corps was weakened enough for Darth Resso to penetrate the city. Buster paid 8000 credits to each bounty hunter who brought in a sum of two GerbilMen.

During the past two years, Buster had a particular dream that made no sense what so ever. It was portraying Arin alive. Buster did not want to speak of Arin as Nightwolf would seem to get teary eyed then would cry for hours, even days. Each time her had the urge to tell her about the dream, he usually backed out at the last moment each time. Instead, he would walk to the street named after Arin. "KaNar Ave" Buster usually came here when he thought about Arin. Buster was not too good at bottling his emotions when it came to his dear Friend, Arin.

Present Time

On the night of September 13th , 2009, Buster recived a hologram transmission. It was what remained of the ancient Juggernaut Lion race. The lion seated in a chair of the hologram was Emperor Zok, Vitani's mate. "Ad heed our technology of the year 2002, Buster Tiberious. Ad heed it now! The one you call Arin KaNar is no longer among the dead. He wishes to return to Nightwolf" a long silence filled the partially empty room. Nightwolf was standing next to the door and over heard the transmission. She then was startled by Buster's yell of joy. "Arin's Alive!! YES!!!!!"

Buster sat in his chair for a few moments confused. He then relized the Juggernauts were calling them selves the Republic Communist Party. The Juggernauts called them sleves this as they were at war with the Empire. They found it easier to handle things if they were a Communist oppressed party. "Umm, Emperor Zok, that will pose a bit of trouble there. Your Empire being Communist and all. The Galactic Empire has no say or laws in communism" Buster said slowly.

"Your correct, but if I send him out alone, to return to the capitol, my Juggernaut War Lords will not interfere with him. The new Technology we used to upgrade Arin from the original LIFE TECH is very small and compact. Don't get me wrong, but this set of small implants has already improved his strength, immune system, digestive track, bone structure and reproductive system" Buster gave a thank you gesture to Zok and terminated the hologram communicator.

Buster turned his seat to face a teary eyed Nightwolf. "Come here, Nightwolf" Buster said while holding out his arms for a hug. Nightwolf ran into his arms and cried a little. "Arin will be ok, I promise you that" Buster said.

Chapter 12

Buster's Noble End

Buster sat in his chair in his secluded office deep in the middle of the WolfWorld Military Corps Building. He was wearing a casual set of clothing as he waited for his lunch. The door opened and his and Kiara's daughter came in with a tray of food. Kiara was expecting another cub, so she sent Angel to bring Buster's food to him. She was a shy, but energetic teen lioness. She respected her father greatly. Zira was sitting with him as he tried to get some work done. Zira continued to amaze Buster. She always found a young "sexy" lion deep with in his older body. Buster was only 28, but Lion lives did not last as long as human lives.

Buster sat up and felt a terrible feeling overwhelm him from deep with in. The feeling was a cold sensation. Buster looked over at Zira and for no reason gave her the biggest kiss she had ever had. Buster and Zira then looked into each other's eyes. Zira saw a different look in his eyes this time. It was like he was waiting for something to happen. "Buster? Is there any thing wrong?" Zira asked hugging him tightly. Buster looked away for a moment. "Yes, Zira. There is. I have felt this cold sensation twice last night as I slipped in between you and Kiara last night. I could not sleep even though you two were sleeping soundly" Buster said as he looked at his picture of Zira, Kiara, Dagger, Sereina and Angel.

The door opened and Angel gingerly walked in with Buster's food. "Thank you, my little one" Buster said with a huge smile. "Is mother gonna be ok, Dad?" Angel asked as she put Buster's tray of food down on the desk. "Yes, you mother is gonna be ok, Angel" Zira said with a calm voice. "Dad?" Angel asked as she headed for the door. "Yes?" Buster replied. "IF you love mother, why do you have Zira as your first mate?" Angel asked. Zira looked at Buster insulted. She then looked back and started to cry. "Angel, I love Zira and your mother equally. If Zira receives a gift, your mother receives one as well. If Zira and I make love, so your mother and I will make love too. I love both as one and one as both" Buster said putting his arm around Zira. He then picked up his communicator. "Yes, I would like to speak to Kiara Tiberious, Thanx" a little wait was always custom with the communicator's. "Yes?" a voice asked. It was Kiara on the other end of the connection. "Kiara, I just wanted you to know I love you a lot and tonight when you come home, we'll have a feast in Honour of both you and Zira" Buster said with a smile. "Awww! I love you too, bye love" Kiara teary eyed said back. Buster leaned down and put his communicator on the desk and blew Angel a customary fatherly kiss to her. She left and Zira got up from beside him. "Well then, if we're gonna have a feast, I shall have to go the market and pick some things up. Bye, Buster baby" Zira said as she put her coat on over her blouse. She leaned down and licked buster's right cheek and left.

Juggernaut Desert

Arin looked around and saw the faint outline of the Imperial Capitol City smog cloud. The Capitol City smog cloud could be seen for at least 20 to 100 miles away. The cloud it self was much larger than the city it self. The city was only as the old United States State called New York. Arin knew Nightwolf would be waiting for him. He also knew his returning would upset some Imperials as some now joined Darth Resso's military power. But being with Nightwolf deterred that thought of Darth Resso. He wanted Nightwolf's loving companionship.

Arin started to get his clothing into the bags the Juggernauts had given him. Heck the Juggernauts even gave Arin a stolen Imperial advanced speeder. Arin tied his bags to the back seat and seated him self into the drivers seat. He engaged the anti Gravity repulser's and stared the engine. He then strapped him self in and put the metal to the petal.

12 Hours Latter

Arin came to a stop just as he looked into the smog cloud only a few feet in front of him. He then found a brush and stashed the Speeder there and looked back at the cloud. He gulped and reminded him self, "For Nightwolf" Arin then walked into it. Arin walked for what seemed an eternity. The he saw a clearing in the polluted air. He walked out of the cloud and into the city. It had changed greatly in the past two years. The city now was bigger. "Now, then. Where is a transport station?" he asked him self. "Right there, man" a man said who walked out of a small booth. "Oh, ok what does it cost for a trip to, umm…. Wait just a second" Arin trailed off as he pulled out a map in his pocket. "Ah, here it is. What does it cost to for a ride to Outland Apt. Building?" the man then walked back in side and looked at some charts on the wall. He came back out. "4 credits" he said.

Arin paid the four credits and then sat down in a chair in the hover train. The train slowly started to speed up then it was at full speed.

OAR 124 (Outland Apt. Room) Nightwolf sat on the couch as her son, Jenter KaNar was tending to his younger brother Jason. A knock was heard at the door. Nightwolf reluctantly got up to answer it. "Is this Buster Tiberious's home?" a wolf asked. "Uh, yes it is, who are you?" Nightwolf asked. A long silence followed, and then the wolf spoke again. "It's me, Arin…..Nightwolf!!" Arin said as he removed his hat and hugged Nightwolf.

Nightwolf was in a shock that she started to cry. Arin was home. She fell to her knees crying for joy as Arin put his arms around her to comfort her. Nightwolf looked up with tears in her eyes then she grabbed Arin's head and pulled it closer to his. She then kissed and licked him all over his face. Arin then knelt down and hugged her even more.

Buster, Zira and Kiara came out of the elevator as Arin and Nightwolf were hugging each other in the door way of their home. "Aww, Arin returned" Kiara said pressing her arm into Buster. "Yes, they have" Buster said as he put both of his arms around his mates. Buster came up from behind and laid a huge hug on his friend. "Buster!" "Arin! Your alive!" Both friends were now in an embrace that took a few minutes to let go. "Buster looked down at his friend and patted him on the shoulders. Arin looked around Buster and saw Zira smiling with tears in her eyes. Arin walked over to her and gave Zira a small peck on her right cheek. Arin looked over at Kiara who he had not gotten the chance to meet. "So you must be Kiara, I'm the ex-Governor Arin KaNar. Nice to meet you" Arin said while holding out his paw. Kiara shook his paw and spoke, "I have heard a great deal about you, Arin. It is a pleasure to meet you too" Kiara shook Arin's hand then looked at Buster. Buster nodded slightly. Kiara then took her place at Buster left side and kissed the side of his mouth. Buster kissed her back then helped Nightwolf to her feet. She ran over to Arin and grabbed onto his side.

Arin Took Nightwolf's paws in his and led her away to the elevator. He then took her outside and to a new part of the City. It was called the WolfWorld Military Law enforcement bureau. In short it was Arin's old top secret Spynet. It ranged over a vast area of 12 systems elsewhere than WolfWorld it self. Including the Imperial center known as Coruscant, 4 of the outer rim planets, 6 planets that were known for their size of Imperial navel yards and another two called Mars and Jupiter. Thus meaning Arin was guarantied a place to live. This place was on the WWMLEB (WolfWorld Military Law Enforcement Bureau) SkyHook. It was a rather large area, but Arin knew he would not need to use all of it. No one, even the new Governor Grah-Dahn knew of its existence. It was the only place in the known Imperial controlled jurisdiction to house a MARK IV super computer. The Super computer was a more advanced version the Coruscant Galactic Imperial Memory banks.

Arin lead Nightwolf up to the massive elevator system of the SkyHook. She looked up with amazement then she turned and kissed Arin again. Arin punched in his secret code and the doors opened. "Wow! Cool! Its not every day one of these things is right there for ya to just get into. Sweet!" Arin said as he walked into the vacant elevator. Nightwolf followed him with wide eyes.

Jupiter Orbit

A Massive amount of ships was beginning to show up at the lowly Imperial space station Bravo Alpha. Every ship was Imperial and the one Star Destroyer called the "Avenger" had Darth Resso's young apprentice, Darth Slay. Darth Slay was a genetically created werewolf. He was flawless except a Lightsaber or a heavily powerful blaster could weaken him. Darth Slay walked over to the Imperial officer in charge of communications and looked over the transmissions coming and going from WolfWorld. He then ordered an encrypted transmission to Darth Resso who was already on WolfWorld.

WolfWorld Imperial Capitol

Darth Resso sat in his rather large and comfy chair as he watched the prerecorded transmission from his pupil, Darth Slay. "My Master, I have felt a presence in this sector for sometime now. It feels like a dark coldness in the force. But on another unrelated note, the fleet is beginning to pick up in size. Your methods of mass media manipulation have served us well. There will be no escape for Arin KaNar this time!" Darth Resso turned off the hologram transmission and looked over out the only window in the area he was. He got up and walked towards the door and was greeted by Grah-Dahn. "Grah-Dahn, how nice of you to take the time and respond to my little request to talk" Darth Resso said as he closed the door. "Yes, it was a challenge finding you, but indeed we must talk about the matter of faulty controls on in the shield generator for the city. I don't want any kind of attack to break out, or I may be fired" Grah-Dahn said as he whipped some sweat from his brown leathery forehead. "Yes, we don't want any one taking advantage of a damaged shield generator. Have your men get repair it immediately" Darth Resso ordered with the help of the force. "Certainly"

Buster and Zira's Home

Buster sat up in bed, sweating and puffing. He had a dream of a deadly virus that seemed to kill millions. Zira woke up and then looking at Buster woke Kiara who was on sleeping on the other side of Buster. They both then calmed him down. "Buster, Hun? Are you ok?" Zira asked putting a paw on his forehead. "Did you have a nightmare, Buster?" Kiara asked putting her arms around his waists. "Yes, I did, Kiara" Buster said as he laid back down whipping his forehead free of the sweat. Zira laid back down and moved closer. She then kissed him on the lips and said, "You'll be ok, love"

In the morning, Buster walked out of the bedroom to find Zira and Kiara watching the TV. "What are you guys watching?" Buster asked as he picked up his morning cup off coffee. "Oh, good morning Buster, it's just a news flash about a virus that was responsible for 1200 deaths on a planet called Bespin" Kiara said getting up. "A virus?" Buster asked as Kiara laid a wet kiss on Buster. "Yes, Buster a virus called the JO-367 chemical weapon was unleashed by a terrorist group on Bespin last night" Zira said as she turned the volume up. "What Terrorist group?" Buster asked as he kissed Kiara back. "The only information is that they call them selves the Crusaders of the Empire" Kiara said while being kissed by Buster. "Hmmm, Crusaders of the Empire, huh? Does not sound a bit familiar" Buster said putting his paw on Zira's shoulder.

Zira got up and walked over to Dagger and Sereina's room. Dagger and Sereina had to share the same room, because Angel was still too shy of her half brother and sister. Dagger didn't mind as he was usually sleeping in for every thing. Sereina however hated the idea of her almost adult brother sharing the same room as her. Zira opned the door slowly and looked in. To her amazement, Sereina must have had another nightmare. "Where is she?" Zira thought as she looked at Sereina's empty bed. Zira then saw Dagger turn and Sereina was tucked right close to him. "Aww, Buster? Look at this" Zira said softly to Buster. Buster walked over to her and looked in to the room. Buster then smiled and looked at Zira. "We have wonderful children, Zira" Buster said. "Daddy?" Angel said from her room. "Buster opened her bed room door. "Yes, my little one?" Buster said softly. "I want some water" Angel said as she turned took her covers off of her head. "Ok, I'll get some" Buster said.

Zira walked quietly into Dagger and Sereina's room. She sat on the end of Dagger's bed and woke him up. "Look, my son. Your sister is in your bed" Zira said pointing to her. "What? Where?" Dagger said in a half awake tone. He then turned and saw his sister sleeping soundly in his bed. "Oh, yeah. Mother?" Dagger said looking at Zira. "Yes, Dagger?" Zira replied. "I like Sereina, I'm proud to be her brother" Zira looked at Dagger then came in closer. "You are a nice boy, Dagger. I love you very much" Zira said as she hugged Dagger. Sereina then woke up and hugged them too.

WWMLEB Apartment Room 12

Arin woke up with Nightwolf beside him. He then looked at his watch. "Darn. Almost time for work. Nightwolf, wake up. I have to go to work soon" Arin said as he put his watch on. "Umm, what?" Nightwolf asked still partly asleep. "I have to go to work soon, get up now" Arin said gently. "Ok, I'm getting up" Nightwolf said as she put her arms around Arin's waist. "Nightwolf? If you need a job, I can arrange one in the WWMLEB Spynet Center" Arin said as he picked up a glass of water. "Really?! That would be great!" Nightwolf energetically said as she got sat up in bed. "Nightwolf!" Arin said in a sarcastic voice. "Put some clothes on" Arin said he got out of bed. "Hey, we made love last night mister! Who cares about wearing clothes while we sleep" Nightwolf snapped back also in a funny calm sarcastic voice. "you have a point there, Nightwolf. Oh, goody! I finally get to shave after 2 years in that Juggernaut regeneration tubey thingy" Arin said as he put a long bath robe on that hung from a hook in the well maintained metal walled bedroom. "Sleep well, Nightwolf?" Arin asked turning to face her. "Yes, it was very relaxing to have your soft, warm body next to mine again" Nightwolf said as she also started to get up. "Like wise, Nightwolf. Your body is so soft it self, plus you're the strongest She wolf I know. And I love you for your kind hearted heart, humor, looks and you make me smile" Arin then put on a bath robe and walked over to the dresser. He opened it and found some of his old clothes, still there. "Nightwolf? Why did you keep these old things?" Arin asked holding up a bunch of old shirts and pants. "Well, they reminded me of you a lot. So I kept them" Nightwolf said as she crawled out of bed. "Hmmmm" Arin said to him self as he put one of his older shirts on. "Come on, Nightwolf. I want you to get ready to go" Arin said as he put on a pair of pants. "Go where?" Nightwolf asked as she reached for her watch on her night table. "Why the Spynet Center of course. You silly She wolf" Arin said as he laughed it out. Nightwolf smiled and got out of bed. She slipped into her favorite morning bathrobe and walked out of the room. Arin looked out the door and when Nightwolf was gone, he pulled out a briefcase hidden in the wall. It was his Spynet gear. He opened it and strapped a vest over his shirt. He then put a high powered Blaster in the holster in it. Arin then pulled out another shirt from his dresser and put it over the vest with now a Blaster in it. Arin then closed the briefcase and put it back. Arin then walked out of the bedroom and ran in to his little son, Jason. "Are you my daddy?" He asked with a small quite shy voice. "Yes I am, son" Arin said picking him up and brining him into the kitchen. "Dad?" another voice asked from behind him. "Jenter, you have grown very well" Arin said turning to face his teary eyed older son. "Dad!" A third voice yelled. "Angela, you have grown well as well" Both of them hugged Arin and were crying as they knew their father now was alive. "Don't cry my little ones, I'm home now and home to stay" Arin said as he sat down at the kitchen table. Nightwolf gave Arin a plate of toast and eggs and a cup of coffee as she tended to Jason's rabid eating frenzy. Arin looked at him with a strange look. "Eat proper boy" Arin said with a low kindly tone. "No!" Jason yelled with his mouth full. "I said eat proper" Arin kindly said again only with out his kind tone. "Blah Ha!" Jason said well sticking his tongue out. Arin reached across the table and snatched Jason's bowl of cereal away from him. "Hey I was eating that!" Jason yelled. "Will you eat proper if I give it back?" Arin asked with a serious look on his face. "Ok" Jason slowly, said. Arin then gave back the cereal back to Jason who now ate it better than he was eating it before. Arin sat back in his chair and smiled at his youngest child. Nightwolf came up behind Arin and put her paw on his left shoulder. Jenter and Angela sat on either side of Arin.

They missed him a lot and now he was home. Now the good times could happen all over again.

WWMC Spynet Building.

Buster walked onto a balcony and looked over the land. He then sat down in a sort of lawn chair set up behind a Volcanic glass circular table. He then looked at his watch. He then pressed a button neatly concealed underneath the table. The center part of the table rose in a pentagon and then at a 12 or so inches, opened a glass window exposing a computer screen. Buster then pressed a few other hidden button s and th screen came to life with a word processor of some kind. Buster then stared to speak. "October 22, 2015…….Ummm this will be my last entry as I will not return from the place I must go as the Jedi Knight I am. I have sensed it for some time now. A tremor in the force that I can't explain, but does in away foreshadow what is to be come of me. Death. By the hand of a second Sith Lord. This one however is not Darth Resso, but I fear that it is his Apprentice who is said to be one of the best damn handlers of a Lightsaber. I don't have long to explain this, but I also sense another unknown tremor in the force. A rising star….it must be my beloved son, Dagger as I know his feelings through the force and the match the feelings I feel now of this other Jedi Knight. I send this to my loved one, Zira who has been with me the past 18 years. I must not look at this as a loss, but as a revelation in my life. I once was a King, then a honored Jedi Knight and a Respected Arch General to the Empire. I was also a wonderful mate and father. I'm now going to deactivate the cloaking computer to show my existence to thyne enemies. Good by, Zira my lover, good bye Dagger my son and Sereina, my buetiful daughter, never let your feelings of me go sour. I'll be with you all for all time" Buster finished say with a tear in his left eye. The he sent the message in Aurabesh. Buster then shut off the computer and walked back into the building. The main Comm room was empty of it's endless technicians, scientists, Spies and Elite StormTrooper Commandos. Buster then reached a alrge computer screen that displayed the Comm Cloaking devise controls. Buster bent down and pressed the deactivate button and sat back and waited for the Second Sith Lord to respond to it.

Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger

Darth Slay got out of his seat as soon as the WWMCSN's cloak devise failed and showed the exact location. With in minutes, the ship was headed for WolfWorld at full speed.

WolfWorld Orbit

Darth Slay decided to take is personal Tyderian Shuttle to the surface but was stopped by a gutsy Buster Tiberious in a small Tie Interceptor. Darth Slay knew it was him and allowed him to dock.

Buster walked down the halls of the Star Destroyer and walked into the bridge area. It was barley lit except a few lights over computer consoles. Buster looked in the direction of the Captain's chair. A Dark outline of a figure stood behind it holding a bright red Lightsaber. Buster pulled out his lightsaber and turned it on. Darth Slay stepped back and turned to face his attacker.

They stood there in utter silence with only the distant low hum of the engines and the computers bleeping and blooping. Darth Slay smiled a nasty smile of crooked teeth and raised his lightsaber. Buster raised his and ran to wards Darth Slay. A lighting fast block halted the first jab at Darth Slay. Darth Slay responded with a low cut to the knee. Buster moved back as he looked down at his wound and keeping an eye on Darth Slay. Buster recovered his nerve and made another attempt. Both lightsabers seemed to dance in the dark light as they kept meeting each other. Whirring and destroying parts of the flooring, computers. Buster then made a cut as he jumped back. It was halted and responded by a crippling blow that knocked his lightsaber aside, before buster knew what had happened, he clenched his teeth and covered a direct blow to the heart. Buster fell to his knees and quickly looked upon the face of his killer. Buster then felt the deep urge to sleep. He quickly felt overwhelmed and laid his head on the cold metal flooring. Buster then let out a long labored last breath.

Darth Slay knelt down beside Buster then smiled as he got up. "The last of the Jedi's has been killed! Victory!!" He yelled as he set a course for Coruscant.

The End

More to come later every one!