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    Hello Stranger to the Outlands. This is your host, Buster. I'm a grey blackish lion and you have found my home on the net (like i was going to give my exact location away!). The members of my family are my beloved mate, Zira, lovly and deadly daighter, Vitani, Nuka the first child and pain in the butt son and last but not least, Kovu my little bundle of joy.

Zira and i meet on 10/11/94. Nuka, Vitani and Kovu are not of my flesh, but they are mine just as much as Zira's. Nuka and Vitani were of a dead lion called, Scar. He died at the hand of Simba who i have took over his rain of King. Now the Pride lands are under the laws of the Outlands.

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My parents are long dead so all I really have as a family is Zira. She is the most good lookin lioness i have ever seen in my life. When she and I meet, we courted each other for a couple of months and then eloped.


My friends range from the heyenas to the members of my Pride.

The heyenas supply me with a link to what Simba is really doing in the valley of Death located 400-600 miles deep into the old grave yard of elephants.

My Pride members adore me to death, except for Nala, the mate of simba. she has a cub named Kiara who she wants to take her fathers place after I (She's wrong there, Nuka is next in line as ruler of the Outlands).


I like to work with the lioness's to insure a lasting relasionship with all of them. I own a Computer, Super Nintendo and a Nintendo 64.

One of the things I really like to do is to hunt for the fun of it and to provide my family with food.