Buster The Jedi Knight

Chapter 1

The Conversion


Buster was gone for more than a year at the time Zira was given complete control of the outlands. She wondered if he would ever return to her.

Imperial Gall SpacePort

Buster was hiding in the cracks of the canyons of the Gall Moon. It was controlled by the imperials and Buster was trying to reach the famed Space port some seZiral miles away from where his Jedi friend, DeVon Kellder dropped him off using his smuggling ship the Frat Rat.

Buster walked out onto a moving platform and placed a pair of binoculars to his eyes and zoomed to Imperial solder. Buster then removed them from his eyes and took off his hood. He then rubbed his face with paws. He then took his paws from his face.

"Buster! Come in Buster! We have company!" DeVon's voice came through a wrist communicator. "What kind of imperial activity?" Buster whispered into the wrist Comm. "Four squadrons of TIE's, 3 small platoons of Storm Troopers, and two of them Dark Troopers!" DeVon yelled back. Buster looked around and saw the same Imperial still standing there. "Ok, I'll take care of the Storm Troopers and the Dark Troopers, you take out those TIE's" Buster said calmly into the wrist Comm. Buster then pulled out his father's Blaster and removed a Storm Troopers Blaster from his shoulder. "Sure thing Spiff" DeVon said back followed by static interference. Buster turned the wrist Comm off then jumped down to a lower ledge. He turned to his left and surveyed the ledge. He turned to his right and ducked as he saws one of the Storm Troopers appear over the edge. He held his Blaster up to the ledge and waited. Then the Storm Trooper saw him and yelled. "Hey you over there! Your under arrest!" Buster needed not say a thing, but fired at him. He fell backwards over the trooper behind him and they both fell over the ledge. Screaming as they fell, the rest of the platoon came into view. Buster fired and hit the next one and ran father down the ledge and took cover behind some fallen rocks. He peered above the rock and fire a couple quick shots at the pursuing Storm Troopers. One fell as the last three of the first platoon continued to run towards him. Buster peered over the rock again and fired. But the Blaster stopped working after the first shot. "Damn thing" Buster thought. He then stuffed it into his pocket and whipped out his Light-saber. He stood up with it on and reflected a shot back at one of the Storm Troopers and walked towards them reflecting their Blaster shots with dead accuracy. Buster only missed a couple times with reflected shots. He the got close enough to swish his Light-saber and cut the remaining Storm Troopers Blaster in half. Buster then turned around and made a successful round house kick on him. He fell off the edge after trying to balance on while dodging Buster's kicks and his Light-saber.

Buster looked at his wrist Comm and flicked the red button on that was glowing. "What is it, DeVon?" Buster asked. "Meet up with the first platoon yet?" DeVon asked huffing and puffing away. "Yep and judging from your rapid breathing, you must have dealt with the TIE's?" Buster said with an answer and question. "Yes, but there are others still on the way. There must be a Star Destroyer up there. Most of these things are them annoying TIE/D's! Dang those Droid minds in those things are good pilot supplements!" DeVon said in an annoyed voice. "Yeah, I hear ya pal. You have TIE/D's and I have….Dark Troopers! Be right back!" Buster yelled as two of the killing machines appeared in the distance.

Buster stood there with his Light-saber still on as the two Dark Troopers flew menacingly toward him. One Started firing it's plasma weapon as the other lobbed it's deadly yield of missiles at Buster. Buster could reflect the Plasma weapon bursts but his Light-saber was useless against the missiles. Buster tried his best to reflected the Plasma bursts at the missile lobbing Dark Trooper and as it fell in pieces, Buster strafed to his left while using the stolen Storm Troopers Blaster. The Dark Trooper then blew apart sending pieces everywhere. Buster retracted his Light-saber and knelt to the ground and relaxed. "Crap, this is getting harder every day" Buster thought as he listened for any more activity.

Buster got up and headed to his left. He reached the corner where he saw the imperial solder and quickly peered around the corner. Buster leaned against the wall of rock and lumped out into the open and fired at the solder. Buster then looked up in awe as he saw the step wall of the imperial spaceport. He then saw the glimpse of Storm Trooper and fired at him. Buster then ran to the wall were he came out and peered into the room killing the other Storm Trooper there.

"Spiff, did you get to the imperial spaceport?" DeVon asked through the wrist Comm. "Stop calling me Spiff! And yes I did" Buster said very annoyed. "Sorry, Buster" DeVon said back in a low tone. "Well any way. This things huge!" Buster said back looking up the side of the spaceport.

Buster then removed the clothing of one of the Storm Troopers and put them on. He then walked over to the main entrance door and pressed a button. He then walked among the enemy until he got to an elevator. He pressed the button that highlighted the control tower. Buster was getting very worried at the speed of the elevator and closed his eyes. The lift then began to pick up speed and got very noisy.

In a security room, a couple of imperial officers noticed the lifts speed was way to high. "Delta Squadron leader come in, please" The one viewing the lift on a tactical display said into a microphone. Then a blank screen popped on with a Storm Trooper facing it. "This is Delta Squadron Leader, what is it security?" He asked. "There seems to be a problem with lift 23, it's speeding up to the Control Tower level at real high speeds. Your on level 45 now, so go and stop it as it is now reaching the 36th level now" He said while the other officer put some codes into a key board. "Affirmative" The Delta Squadron leader said as he shut the screen off.

Buster was now really concerned so he closed his eyes tighter and the speed picked up must faster. Buster felt as he passed the 45th level that there was trouble.

The lift then shut down and the door opened. Buster walked over to the officer in charge. "Is there any ships scheduled for the 12:01 am shift?" Buster asked through the raspy speakers of the Storm Trooper Comm in side the helmet. "Um let me check that out. It won't take long" the officer said as he put his hand on the solder in the seat behind him. "Yes sir, getting on it right now" the solder said as he brought up the schedule list of ships coming in. "No there is not" the solder said. Buster then handed the officer a Computer chip. "Here is another ship that has requested landing permissions. It has been cleared by security" Buster said dropping the chip into his hand. "Good, thanx for going to all the trouble of getting it us" The officer said saluting Buster. Buster felt a little stupid saluting an imperial but managed to salute him. "I also have been assigned guard duties until 1:00 am" Buster said. "Oh, ok. Ya know the drill right or are you new here?" the officer said. "Yes I'm new" Buster said. "Ok, just stand guard there by the window and lift, ok?" the officer said pointing to the window. "Affirmative" Buster finished off. He walked over to the window and stood guard.

Meanwhile, DeVon received a transmission from the Imperial Spaceport, Gall he had permission to land. "Ok thanx for your time captain of the Frat Rat. Your scheduled landing is any time after 12:01 am" a officer said through the Comm sys. After the officer was gone, DeVon looked at his vintage clock above the cockpit window. "Dang! 3 hours down the drain. Thanx to Buster I have to sit here in this smelly excuse of a cargo ship for 3 bloody hours!" DeVon said aloud. "What was that about our ship brother?" A younger man said coming through the door. "Oh, Buster made it alright, but we have to sit here for 3 hours" DeVon said. "Well at leased we won thins thing in that, remind you, rigged pod race on Tatoonie!" The younger man said sitting down in the empty co-pilot seat. "Ah, we nearly blew all of father and mother's credits on that damn bet! And what we won!? Was junk!" DeVon yelled. "Hey! It ain't junk!" The younger man said again. "Not junk? Not junk?! Here look at this thing here, what is it you say? I don't know either but it's busted! See that Nikif! Junk!!" DeVon yelled throwing an old panel down the hallway. "Look, we got screwed over by this ship, but it works don't it?! We even got enough credits to start our smuggling company" Nikif said pointing to the "Engines Operational" display. "Well in that crap you call a mind, you think this ship rocks, you even think this company we have rocks too! The ship's a pile of bantha shit and the company is just as crappy as the Jawwa Sand crawler!" DeVon yelled kicking the dashboard of the Frat Rat. "I tell ya! It's all junk!" DeVon yelled again.

Buster sat down in the chair the officer let him use. Buster then looked over at the solder sitting in his chair working on things that came via Comm Sys tom him from security.

After an hour, the Officer and solder were on a coffee break. So Buster got up and walked over to the station were the solder was working. Buster then sat down and got access to the Prison Cells in the lowest level of the spaceport. There he made an arrangement to pick up some captured Rebels and one of the Jedi members he had searched for a long time for.

Buster saw the lifts light come on indicating the Officer and solder were coming back. He then canceled the transaction in the Comm sys. And went back to his seat.

Buster then opened the door for the officer and solder. Buster then asked to go and get a cup of coffee. As he was walking down the hall way in the galley of the Gall Spaceport, he walked into a room with, "SHUTTLE TRYDERIAN HANGER 12" on it. This translated to Shuttle Tyderian Hanger 12. Buster walked in and lightly waved his hand at a Storm Trooper guarding it. He then looked away. Buster quickly ran into the entrance and closed the door. The Storm Trooper looked back the way he was earlier and acted like nothing at all happened. Buster then removed the Storm Trooper outfit and took from the back pack he was carrying his Jedi clothing. Buster then sat in the pilots chair and began powering up the shuttle. Buster then pressed a blinking light and a voice asked, "The shuttle is not sheduled to leave until 4:30 am! Power down immediately!" The voice of a Storm Trooper orded. Buster waved his hand at the controls and the Storm Trooper's voice came back on. "You have permission to leave, deactivating the shield generator now" he said.

Then the bay doors opened and Buster started the engines up. The guarding Storm Trooper left and was heading to the door. Buster then lifted the shuttle off the floor and steered it to the door. "The Shield Generator is now off line pilot" the Storm Trooper said. Buster then gunned the throttle and he was now off on his way. As Buster got out of range of the spaceport radar, he opened a channel with DeVon. "OW! Shit head! Piece of Tatoonie junk!" "Cut that out DeVon, were leaving now, I am in the Shuttle Tyderian just above you" Buster said through the Comm sys. "Oh, ok! Finally!" With that, Buster, DeVon and Nikif were on their way to meet up with the Earth Alliance Group known as United Omega. Buster knew he would finally get to be with Zira when they would land in the ne location of the United Omega. The Himalayan mountainous region. In the city known as Everest Haven, he would meet with the traitorous Sith Lord, Darth KaNar or Just plain old Arin KaNar the Alpha of the United Omega Country. Buster knew Arin KaNar was a reliable resource as Arin him self trained to be a Sith only to the purpose of leaking information of the Galactic Empire. He was not a real Sith but was trained so well by Darth Resso. Buster landed the shuttle on one of the vacant landing pads as Imperial TIE fighters occupied most of them and Imperial barges exporting minerals and importing Imperial Dataries. Dataries were old republic Credits but after Senator Palpatine became Emperor Palpatine, they were called Imperial Dataries. That meant that all currencies on earth were eradicated as a result of earth being controlled by the Empire. Buster got out and walked over to a large a door with this symbol on it,

Buster walked to the control panel and sighed with anger. "More Aurabesh" Buster then pressed a button. The door opened and Buster walked in. in side he walked down a narrow hallway until he got to a black set of Blast doors. He punched in a sequence of Aurabesh symbols. The doors opened. There in a black cloak was a wolf looking out a window. "You made it here in one piece I see" He said. "Arin, what information do you have on Darth Resso" Buster asked walking in. "I have a reliable trace connection to the Imperial home world, Coruscant. In the Imperial Senate Building on the north pole area is our man, Buster. He has no idea that I am betraying him so, now would be a great time to kill him, But it is not good at this time" Arin trailed off. "What is it friend" Buster asked worried. "It's Nightwolf, she is going to have her second litter" Arin said smiling. "Oh, then I shall kill Darth Resso alone, eh?" Buster said. "No, Buster, my son will assist you" Arin said. "Son? Which one?" Buster asked. "My only son, Buster. Don't you remember that Nightwolf and I have 4 girls 1 boy" Arin said. "Oh, that must be Jenter" Buster said. "He'de better be strong with the Force, Arin" "He is, Buster. The Jedi Council allowed him to be trained. And I am a Jedi just as you, But one who is masquerading a Sith Lord. So I trained him" "Good it is settled, I better leave before my presence here is discovered. Bye my friend" Buster said waving his hand to Arin.

Chapter 2

Buster & Zira, Together Forever

As Buster was leaving the Imperial City, he remembered to go to his old Kingdom. As Buster closed in to it, he noticed it was now an Imperial City. Buster was then greeted by a lion's voice on the Comm system of the Tyderian shuttle. "Please identify your selves" it said. "This is the Jedi Knight, Buster Tiberious" he said. Looking at the read out of Imperial codes he was transmitting to his old home city. "Welcome back, Sire" he said. "No, no. I'm not a king any more. I'm a Jedi Knight" Buster said. "Well any way, Zira has been waiting for you, she'll meet you on the north tower platform" he said. Before transmitting a flight plan to Buster. "Ok, thank you" Buster said. Buster then shut off the Comm system and engaged the autopilot. The autopilot steered Buster threw many of the old buildings he remembered, but most of them were new. In the distance was a tall building with many windows on a round section that was larger than the rest of the cylinder shaped building. He then saw the platform as he got closer. He then shut off the autopilot and manually landed the craft. Buster then opened the door and as it unfolded, he saw a few Lions in Imperial uniforms guarding a door. Then the door stopped and Buster walked out of the shuttle. He continued to walk until he reached the door. Buster then removed his hood, and the guards cowered back in fear and amazement. Buster opened the door and there in front of him stood Zira, holding a young cub and behind her was another older cub clinging to her dress. "Buster? I-is that you?" she asked. Buster nodded his head. Zira then handed the younger cub to the older one, and turned to face Buster. She embraced him and started to cry. "Why Buster, why?!" She asked in tears. Buster then kissed her on her forehead and looked into those lovely eyes he had yearned to see for a long time. "I had to, Zira. My uncle JoRan was killed by someone, so I unsuccessfully tried to hunt him down" Buster said with a tear in his left eye. "Zira? Do you remember me telling you what I am before I left?" Buster asked. "Yes, but what does that have anything to do with a murdering Imperial?" Zira asked back in more tears and sobs uncontrolled sadness and anger. Buster then looked deep into her eyes. "JoRan was the last of my family before me, Zira. I had to hunt down Darth Resso cause he killed him. Then I could only return home when I had access to a ship with a long-distance hyperdrive. You do know what a hyperdrive is, right?" Buster said. "Of course I know what a hyperdrive is Buster. But you mean from what I have heard, and learned, you're a Jedi Knight?" Zira asked. Buster stood tall and nodded. "Well, hi there son" Buster said looking down at Dagger. "Dad? I-is that you?" Dagger said. "Yes" Buster said. Dagger then put his arms around his father's chest and held on. Buster then slowly put his arms around Dagger, who was full grown now. "Daddy?" a little voice asked. "Huh? Zira is this Sereina?" Buster asked. Zira then picked up the little adolescent cub and placed her in Buster's arms. "Daddy?! Daddies home mommy!" Sereina screamed with sheer joy as she hugged a large portion of Buster's once prominent mane. Zira just noticed his mane as Sereina hugged him. "Buster? What happened to your mane?!" Zira asked shocked. "oh, yeah. I cut it off 3 months ago as it was getting in the way of every thing and it was a good death marker" Buster said as he turned to look over the City. "What a huge place this home of ours has become" Buster said to him self as Sereina reached for Zira's paw. "Buster? She wants you to come home" Zira said taking Sereina from his arms. "Sure thing" Buster said taking Zira's paw into his.

Deep with in former INer lands

Deep with in this dry barren land of waste, nothing survived only if it was cunning enough or powerful enough to survive it. Horrible sand storms littered this land and endless piles of scrap metal left from The INers 7 months in the past. In that time, The Empire was just getting settled down when they encountered the race of killer lions with old uniforms and almost unheard of junk for artillery. It was this that gave the Galactic Empire an advantage over them. It took only 4 days to completely eradicate every member of the INers. Now, during this time of nothing ness, lived the only working Monarch Government or any Government at all left on earth. The Sand Pride, controlled bye King Razuma and Queen Kitana. Kitana was freed when the Empire proposed the surrender papers to the Outland Empire and Jaggernaut Empire Prides. She was reunited with Razuma with their cub in her paws.

The Empire would have searched the remains of the IN pride lands, but it was to dangerous. So Razuma and Kitana formed the Sand Pride.

Imperial Capital Palace

Arin sat in his chair and waited for his supper to get to him. He then got up walking around the room. He was wearing a black trench coat with out the hood and there seemed to be ripples in the upper chest area. One part of the chest area was over lapping the other while there was a large slip down his entire chest that was baring his dark blackish gray fur. At the waist was a thick black leather belt with an Imperial symbol as the buckle. The rest of the coat dropped to his knees and the rest of the way he wore a pair of black leather boots that shined very brightly and made a pristine tapping nose every time he made a step. Arin then put his left arm to his waist and looked down upon a black key pad with a vid screen on it. He pressed a couple buttons and the side door of the room opened. There in a bed was, Nightwolf giving birth to her second litter. One of the doctors looked up from a screen and walked to Arin. "Sorry sir, but you should wait out side" Arin responded by pointing his hand at him. "Sure sir, you may come in" Nightwolf looked up from her pillow and smiled a little smile. Her face was very sweaty and sort of distorted, but Arin walked over to her and he offered his paw to her. She grabbed it and squeezed so hard as she had never squeezed before. But Arin was calm and peaceful as she moaned in pain and continued to squeeze his paw. "There we are, just a little more" the doctor said. Then Nightwolf squeezed his paw the hardest ever. "Ouch" he slowly said. Nightwolf then put her head in to his arm. Arin then took his free paw and stroked her head as she rested. "Their out, Nightwolf" the doctor said with a smile on his face. "Wait, there is only one?" The doctor asked him self with a funny face glomming over the single pup in front of him. "Huh? Doctor! That's not right" the nurse said looking through the monitor of the ultra sound machine. "move aside" he said pushing the nurse out of the way. "There was only one pup" he said finally. "What!? One pup?" Arin yelled. "Is it alive?" Nightwolf asked. "Yes" the Doctor said examining the pup. "Oh, well" he said.

The Doctor then wrapped the little wolf pup in a sterile blanket and handed it to Nightwolf. "It's a boy" He said. Arin looked down into Nightwolf's eyes and saw she was happy, very happy. He then moved the folded part of the blanket from his newborn son's face. "He looks like me" Arin said holding Nightwolf's paw in his. "Arin, I want to name him after the great wolf who is his father" Nightwolf said. Arin looked down at Nightwolf from his son and smiled. He then leaned over Nightwolf and kissed her on the forehead. "Well that is very kind of you Nightwolf, but it would be more appropriate if we called him by a nick name. We'll remind him of his first name, but we'll address him by a nick name" Arin said. "You choose his nick name" Nightwolf said yawning. Arin looked up to face wrist keypad. "Rezdon, Rezdon is his nick name" Arin said.

Imperial City/ Outland

Buster sat down at his old desk and cleared off some papers and dust and turned on his old vidscreen. "Uh, doesn't work worth crap" Zira heard him from out side of the office and walked in. "Oh, that Buster. Since the Imperials took over, their technology has replaced every thing. Including our alphabet" Zira said sitting down in one of the old guest chairs. "How did every thing go for you when I left?" Buster asked. "Oh, well at first the law was enforced by the Outland Military Corps. Then the high commanding military personnel realized you weren't coming back, so they handed the control of our empire to me" Zira said looking into Buster's content eyes. "Then the Galactic Empire came and eradicated all governments on this planet and formed their government by a regional Governor. I think our old wolf buddy, Arin is that regional Governor of this planet" Zira said. Buster then got up and walked around his desk and stopped in front of Zira. He knelt down and kissed her on her lips. He then started to kiss her neck and then he stopped. "Come on, we have some things to ketchup on" Zira looked into his eyes and right away, an erotic smile struck her lips. She gabbed his paw and they left the office and headed to their home.

Chapter 3

The Opposition

Galactic Empire Home World, Coruscant

Deep in the bowls of this massive global sized city is the Galactic Empire's headquarters. In this HQ building is a great amount of work in progress from small problems to the larger threat of the ever dying but still powerful Rebel Alliance.

In a dark lighted room sat in a black chair, a person in a black robe. He sat there staring at a Vidscreen on the far end of the room. There was an Imperial officer displayed on it. "Yes, Master, we have conformation that there is at least one known Jedi Knight on the planet WolfWorld" The officer said looking at a print out on a screen near by where he was. "Was this WolfWorld once that planet in that nine planet system on the other side of the Galaxy? Because if it is, it is controlled by the Imperial Wolf, Arin KaNar and his mate Nightwolf KaNar?" The cloaked figure asked as he stroked his shaved head. "Yes, Master. It is that planet. Do you want me to send a platoon of our best to hunt this Jedi Knight down?" The officer explained with a set of Star Charts. "I'll send them my self, Commander" the cloaked figure said. "Sir? What is the name of the platoon?" the officer asked. "That information is classified, continue with your search for that damned traitor Darth KaNar any way" the cloaked figure said turning off the vidscreen with a small gesture of his hand.

Outland City

Buster woke up to see Zira getting up. "Where are you going, Zira?" Buster asked. "Um, I'm going to get breakfast ready" Zira said as she slipped into her nightgown. Buster put his head back down on his pillow and sighed. "Zira? I had the most wonderful time last night. Thank you for remaining true to me even though I have been gone so long" Buster said with a smile on his face. Zira walked over to Buster and leaned down and kissed him on his lips. "You are the most wonderful lion I have been acquainted with, Buster. I love you and I'll always love you" Zira said walking back around the bed and out the door.

Buster got up and walked into the kitchen and sat down. Dagger sat beside him and saw his Lightsaber attached to his belt. "Dad? What is that you have there?" Dagger asked. "Well, Dagger, it's called a Lightsaber. I'll show you it later" Buster said. Then Sereina sat down on the other side and would not let go of him. Buster then put his paw over her head and kept it there. "Come on, Sereina. Leave your father alone and eat your breakfast" Zira said as she sat down in front of Buster. Zira handed buster a plate of toast, beacon and eggs. Buster then picked up his fork and knife and started to eat the eggs. "Buster?" Zira asked as she poured him a glass of orange juice. "Yes?" Buster replied. "Are you going to leave again?" Zira asked. Buster looked up and saw tears in Zira's eyes. "Only if I am obligated to, Zira. Until then I'm with you and our kids" Buster said reassuringly to Zira. Buster then put his fork down and held Zira's trembling paws in his. "I love you, Zira and I'll try to the best of my ability to stay right here" Buster said kissing her paws.

Imperial WolfWorld Capital

Arin looked at some pictures of him and Nightwolf in his rather large home. He then walked over to the crib of his newborn pup, Rezdon. He put his hand on his son's head and slowly petted his sleek blackish gray fur. Nightwolf then came out of their room and saw Arin stroking Rezdon. She sighed with happiness and walked over to Arin. She rested on his shoulder and looked down at Rezdon. "He's cute, isn't he Arin" Nightwolf said with her arms embraced around Arin's chest. "Yes he is cute" Arin said looking up and out the window. "What do you see?" Nightwolf asked. "Nothing, well just look at this place" Arin said as he felt the glass. "I know you are a prominent Imperial officer but you are still my mate and our children's' father" Nightwolf said tightening her grip around his chest. Arin looked down at her and kissed her on her lips.

Arch General, Dargoona Van Kiostro

This older wolf was known in the Imperial community as being a well resourceful officer. His rank of Arch General was achieved by serving in the old United Omega Military. He came out of the smoke and dust of the Renegade wolf campaign and went onto serving farther into the new Galactic Empire. Dargoona, now an elderly wolf, works in Games and Theory or just known as Military Intelligence. He has no mate and therefore works nonstop by learning the enemy and discovering the enemy's weaknesses. Dargoona even taught Arin KaNar to be a Jedi. Buster Tiberious even sought his wisdom for a time when he was learning the ways of a Jedi.

"Sir? There is a message from the Emperor coming in" A small adolescent coyote said as he was flipping through a Play Wolf porn magazine. "Put that crap down you pig. Coyotes, Yeeesh!" Dargoona snapped as he looked up from his desk of papers. "Well where is a coyote to find some sex around here any way! Message commencing now" the adolescent coyote commented. Dargoona rolled his eyes and opened his mouth. "What you do in your spare time is your business and I don't appreciate you making your sex starved actions public anywhere around me, now take that crap out of here" Dargoona said pointing to the door. "Gees you're a jerk ass! What ever made you such an asshole!?" The coyote said getting up and taking his magazine to the bathroom. "Get the hell out of there you disgusting bastard!" Dargoona yelled pounding on the bathroom door. "General, something wrong?" Arin asked on the vidscreen. Dargoona growled as he turned around. "Sorry sir, but I have had some trouble with that young coyote that has been assigned here" Dargoona said sitting down. "And what might that be?" Arin asked scratching his head. "He brought a Play Wolf Porn magazine in here to day and I told him politely to leave, but he took that damn magazine into the bathroom" Dargoona said looking at the bathroom door. "Sick! Aw man! Sick coyotes! Sicker than hell!!" Arin yelled at the vidscreen. "I know what you mean love, one of those assmunchies wanted to screw me! He asked me he wanted to screw me!" Nightwolf yelled too coming up behind Arin. "That does it! There won't be any more crap tolerated by coyotes in this civilization. They will obey the law as they are expected and live like the rest of us, Humans and Animals!" Arin said to him self in a low growling tone.

Sand Pride Lands

Razuma was now enjoying his new life as the king of the Sand Pride. His old kingdom long gone, taken from him when the Empire intervened. Razuma sat in his thorn chair