OUTLAND Military Compound

In this Section of the Outland Domain Kingdom which is owned and maintained by Neil S. B. (aka: King Buster), you'll find that a lion Military is very stricked, brutle, violent and down right distructive!

King Buster '99


The histroy of the Outland Military Compound dates back to 1994 four when Buster Found his future mate Zira along the shores of a river. From there they founded a superior Lion race known as the Outlanders. Well the size of the outlands meant that there were also others who were banished from their homes. Buster and Zira then befriended them and formed a great nation with in 2 years power. After the birth of their first cub, Shade, Buster formed a secret group of elite lions and lionesses who would in a short time be called the Outland protecters. These members of their secret service known as OSS (OUTLAND SECRET SERVICE), then formed the military compound that still even to day stands as momument of the past in Outland square. Today in 1999, Buster is still ruling with Zira beside him.

At first Buster turned down the request of a military compound. Ironicly, an unknow Pride attacked with more brutality than ever imagened by any thing that lived in the oulands of the year of 1997. This pride was later found out to be called the International Nazi's or I.N. to Outlanders. After Alicia's attack (Zira's yunger sisrer), Buster vowed to let the OSS have what ever thay neeeded to produce the Military Compound.

Reported by: Kera /Outland Daily News (Zira's Second cub with Buster)

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