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Expecting a mangled body, Haidera looked over the log ready to turnlest she throw up all over the lion. It wasn’t mangled, though.looked like he was just sleeping; like he’d wake up any moment.felt her eyes sting, which was ridiculous. She’d never evenhim. She didn’t even know his name. Still, she sighed and beganthe logs off him.

It didn’t take as long as she’d expected and soon the lioness sat downbowed her head, staring at the unfamiliar form of the deadin front of her. Dead....and for what real reason?

Suddenly Haidera blinked and put her head up. Had he.....? That’t be, no one could have survived that......

She put her ear to his chest and listened, feeling slightly stupid. There’t going to be anything, there was no way-

“By the stars,” she murmured incredulously. It was there. There was a. He was breathing. Ever so slightly, but he was alive!

And then it began to pour.

Haidera flattened her ears and scowled. How fitting for it to rain. Buthave to keep him warm. She gently pulled him under an overhanglaid down next to him, hoping her body heat would be sufficient.he lasted through the night.....But that was a big if. An extremely big. We’ll just have to see, she told herself before drifting off to sleep.

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The “royal family” soon passed out of childhoods; Vitani and Kovuadolescence, and Nuka into adulthood. Though a mangy lion heno one had ever truly taught him to hunt and as a result he was.

Vitani, on the other hand, had grown into her mother’s savage beauty.was scarce in the Outlands, but she was an accomplishedand caught what she could.

And Kovu, the chosen one, became almost a younger version of theking. ~

Vitani stalked over to where her brother was sitting, scratchingat his hide, trying to kill the ever-present termites. She satand scowled at the Pridelands, drawing Nuka’s attention



“What’s wrong with you?”

She looked at him, the fear in her eyes apparent despite her attemptshide it. “Kovu had his chance!” she growled. “And lost it.” The

lioness turned her head away. “He can’t do this to us!”

Nuka shrugged. “He’s the chosen one, Vitani, he can do whatever he.”

“Nuka!” she snarled. “Get over it! Scar chose Kovu and Kovu cana good king! He can get the Pridelands for us!”

The lion got to his feet. “But not if he doesn’t kill Simba, right?” Vitani’t say anything, just looked away. “Figured that.”

Vitani growled deep in her throat, but didn’t make a move. Afterat her for a moment, Nuka shrugged and stalked away. Amoments later, though, Vitani called, “Nuka!” and ran up to. Tilting her head to the side, she said, “We can’t fight.....there’t enough of us if we get split over stupid issues.”

Nuka’s head sunk down until it was level his shoulder blades. “Wehave killed Kiara when we had the chance,” he opined. “AndSimba came.....” He raked the ground with his claws implicitly.

“Well maybe, but it’s too late now!” Vitani closed her eyes briefly.she opened them, she told her brother, “I’ve got watch.”

“Then go,” Nuka said, continuing sarcastically, “Wouldn’t want KovuSimba to us without us knowing.”

Vitani shook her head and loped off. Her older brother would neverKovu for being born, it was as simple as that.


“No!” Zira cried as Nuka lost his footing and the log tumbled out fromhim, freeing Simba. Vitani shook her head disbelievingly.’re so close! she cried silently to herself.

The lioness watched Nuka fall in something of a dreamlike state--sawpinned under the log, unable to avoid the other dead tree crashingon him. When finally the dust cleared, Kovu was thereto push the wood out of the way. Zira pushed him asidedug down to where Nuka lay buried, however.

Vitani slowly approached, fearing what she knew.

“I’m sorry, Mother.......” Nuka whispered with a weak smile. “I.....”

“Sh.” Zira slipped a tender paw under her eldest son’s chin.

“Let...” Nuka began, never finishing his sentence, for his last breath ofleft his body at that moment.

Vitani peered over the log at her brother’s body. “Nuka....” shesorrowfully. ~

The young lioness saw it all from her position above the ravine. Sawrun off after escaping the Outlanders, saw the old Queen’s son.........And she cursed the day Simba was born.

Her name was Haidera.

Haidera was a lioness of Simba’s pride, and she was intelligentto keep her opinions to herself about the king. Most oftenhad been no cause to insult Simba’s rule, but lately......it was thethat were causing it.

She had followed Simba and Kovu that morning for no particularand had been surprised when they’d been ambushed by theloyal to Scar. What a perfect chance to see how evil they, she’d thought to herself. An opinion that had rapidly changedwatching the scene that had played out before her.

The remaining lionesses rallied under something of an inspirationalgiven by Zira and stalked out of the ravine.

Haidera watched them go and slid down the slope. Might as wellmy respects, she thought. Better late than nуњ№у у1џџџџџџџџE!K@ёџNormala "A@ђџЁ"Default Paragraph Fontаџ@ўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Word 6.0 Document MSWordDocWord.Document.6є9Вq